Change Log – March 2017

March 8, 2017

2016 was a super busy year for our whole team and for our customers and now it’s March already! How did that happen? We are back on track, so take a look at the new and improved features from the last two months.

Changing the value of the attribute during the design process

User can change values of selected attributes in the editor. He can also change selected theme or skin (parameters of the editor).

Photo Calendar software from Printbox

Take a look at the live demo to try it yourself.

Prints custom ordering

We’ve redesigned and redeveloped the whole editor for Prints, so it has a brand new architecture. We’ve also added the possibility to order custom quantity, instead of being limited to bulk ordering. Every print can be different (different size or paper quality). Price is calculated dynamically.

Prints software from Printbox

Want to try out the new back-office? Ask for the online presentation:

Custom events in the calendar

User can add personal events to the calendar, select the style and the color of the event marker and set to repeat the event. The celebration will be displayed in the editor and rendered in the PDF file.

Photo Calendar Software from Printbox


Editable colors of the calendar

User can adjust colors of the calendar to the background or photos.

Photo Calendar Software from Printbox

Safe area validation for text component

We’ve added a validation process in the editor. After putting a text field outside the safe area – there will be warning to check this issue. This feature is especially important in the business cards case.

Safe area in the business cards editor


Frames and masks in the advanced editor

We’ve added custom frames and masks in the editor. This solution coexists with the simple frames option.

Photobook editor software


Drag and drop option for slides and photos in the all pages view

From now on there is a possibility to rearrange slides and photos and move them within content images.

Photobook editor software

Photobook editor software


The list of created projects in the e-commerce

All created projects are available in the e-commerce and are listed in the “My projects” tab.

The list of created projects in the ecommerce


Powerful engine to calculate the final price

The price is calculated based on selected values of attributes. The attribute could affect price combinatorically or additively. Both ways can be mixed in one product family. That way of calculation with exclusions of values allows us to cover even the most complicated cases.

Engine to calculate the final price

Engine to calculate the final price

Engine to calculate the final price


Gallery of pictures assigned for value of attribute in the product card

Attributes could affect pictures. Combinations of values are generated for that attributes, and pictures can show selected variant of the product.
Gallery of pictures in the Printbox editor

Gallery of pictures in the Printbox editor


Logo component in the admin editor

We’ve added the logo component not editable for the end user, that will handle company’s logo. The last page mode can be useful in the calendar case, when the logo is always on the last page (it doesn’t have to be December).

Logo component in the admin editor


Components aligned to edges of the bleedbox

This option is crucial for effective auto-scaling of layouts and designs. The component is being snaped to bleedbox and always cover whole bleeds.

Components aligned to edges of the bleedbox


A brand new design of the advanced editor for photobooks

Here’s a sneak peek of the future design for the advanced editor. The visual side is almost ready, and the development is in still progress.

The New advanced editor design

Stay tuned for more news and updates. 🙂

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