How to showcase high-quality products?

high qulity products

Unique, personalized high-quality products usually aren’t cheap. You charge more for a flat photobook than your competitors, but you offer a better product and you’re worth the money. When setting a higher price for a quality photobook, you need to find customers who are willing to pay more and not base their decision solely on…

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Why to Start Your Own Photo Book Business?

Why to start photo book business

Creating photo books and other photo products continue to grow in popularity. According to research by Futuresource Consulting Ltd only in Western Europe consumer photobook volume sales fell by 0.7% to 25.0 million units in 2017, but grow again, by 1.7% to 25.4 million units, in 2018. The market value rose by 2.7% to €796…

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Photo calendars


Calendar is a conventional time reckoning, accepted in the particular culture. It divides time into periods of repetitive cycles, associated with the cycles of nature. The name comes from the Roman word “calends“, other sources give different origin of the word – Latin “callendarium“.

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What is a photo book?


According to Wikipedia a photo book or photobook is a book in which photographs make a significant contribution to the overall content. Nowadays – with the development of digital cameras and the Internet  – everyone can be a photographer, capturing every special moment in life with a camera or smartphone.

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