Press release

Printbox launches global print fulfilment capabilities through a partnership with Peecho

Peecho Printbox Press Release

Printbox, photo product software provider, and Peecho, the premium print on demand service provider, have partnered to bring product design, production, and delivery together in the first universal platform for the sales and fulfilment of personalized print products. Now, companies in the personalized photo-commerce industries can create and sell print products on a global scale…

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Printbox announces cooperation with Peleman Industries

Printbox and Peleman Industries Press Release

July 11, 2018, Kraków, Poland – Printbox, photo product online software provider, announced its cooperation with Peleman Industries, a global leader in the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations, photos and lay-flat paper technology. Peleman Industries’ cooperation with Printbox reaffirms the globally renowned company’s commitment to offer world-class personalization…

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