Now operating in 200 iconic attractions across 10 countries, Magic Memories is always looking for new, innovative ways to help guests personalize and commemorate their most exciting experiences. In 2017, Magic Memories made the decision to provide a second opportunity for guests to purchase their photos after they left the attraction.

To do that, Magic Memories needed an eCommerce platform that would enable guests to easily purchase their digital photos online and also purchase additional prints and other personalized photo products.

The company faced some tough challenges: not only did they need a robust, seamless digital photo product platform and process, they also needed an order management process and fulfillment and logistic partners.


  • Magic Memories turned to Printbox to determine the viability of its vision for an eCommerce site. Working closely with Stephanie Tate, VP of eCommerce for Magic Memories, Printbox created and delivered a customized, fully-integrated photo product digital platform and process - from account creation to photo selections to product delivery. And they did it in less than four months!
  • “We realized that an off-the-shelf product wasn’t going to work for us, Printbox created a customized eCommerce site to meet all of our needs. Their team was willing to do quick, excellent work while staying on target and meeting our goals and deadlines.” Stephanie Tate


Today, Magic Memories offers eight different photo products, including prints, photo books, calendars, canvas prints, mugs, posters, mousepads, and cards. All of the photo products are created using the Printbox Editor, the company’s primary product. “Printbox’s editor is a very flexible product that enables Magic Memories to create our own themes and photo product templates. Our customers can then choose one of our custom themes or create one of their own.“ Stephanie Tate


improved online sales


increased website traffic


newly designed digital guest journey

With the help of Printbox, Magic Memories was able to create a newly designed digital guest journey. “Each guest receives a unique code at the attraction,” Stephanie says, explaining the process. “When they log into the website, they enter that code and have access to ALL the photos taken during their visit to the attraction. They have access to purchase and download the photos digitally and they can also use the Printbox Editor to create custom, personalized photo products. Every order is automatically exported to our fulfillment provider, printed on-demand and delivered right to the customer’s door.” “This opened up a whole new revenue stream for Magic Memories,” says Stephanie. “Website traffic has increased from 50,000 unique visitors per month to over 150,000, and online sales have increased 500% over last year. We expect this trend to continue. “

Preparing for a new era in privacy regulation

In May 2018, a European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation, is due to take effect. We are taking the steps necessary to ensure that we are GDPR compliant.

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