Quality, service, fun. Those are main principles of Pixelpaint. Their perfection is very well known and the proportion of satisfied customers is growing rapidly.

You can read about their products (independent reviews) from satisfied customers on the internet: “The best thing about their brand is that they are aiming for quality and they are prepared to take responsibility for producing quality results.”

Pixelpaint stays up to date with technology and runs top of the line printers with the highest color gamut in the industry. They are big on service – Rich Fraser, the Co-owner & Director at Pixelpaint says: „Like the time we drove 200 miles to hand deliver a canvas to a customer that needed it for a wedding. We also believe in having fun and being a bit out the ordinary, like making our customers mix tapes and sending them cool, inspiring ideas, and bottles of rum in the post. The main goal behind implementing Printbox software was to be able to expand the product range and move the business forward, away from the legacy system that needed replacing. Pixelpaint also wanted their customers to feel more confident and have more options for their treasured memories.


  • The main idea of Pixelpaint was to gain the ability to create new products.
  • They also had in mind that their website should be easy-to-edit.
  • In general, they wanted the solution to be customizable. Those three aspects prevailed that they chose Printbox.


Price strategy changed to make it more accessible and easy to buy at every day prices. Pixelpaint says that one of the added bonuses of being built on top of PrestaShop is that they have e-commerce capability. They recently thought of implementing new idea - Artist Collection. A curated collection of designs by global artists from Mexico to Latvia available on canvas, fine art prints and framed prints.


improved sales via organic traffic


new products, with another on the way


a cleaner, more modern interface

Implementing Printbox was for sure a good strategic move for Pixelpaint. “It allowed us to open up our business to new markets and create a white label (wholesale) service for other printers and artists to Dropship to customers” says Rich Fraser. In the future Pixelpaint plans to focus more on improving conversions, impulse sales and a better mobile UX so that they can do more cost effective direct marketing. This will allow to justify spending more on marketing and try even harder to serve they customers better.

Preparing for a new era in privacy regulation

In May 2018, a European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation, is due to take effect. We are taking the steps necessary to ensure that we are GDPR compliant.

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