Change log – October 2016

November 10, 2016

As you have probably noticed, we’ve released recently new versions of advanced editors: for photobooks and calendars.

Take a look at the live demo to try it yourself.

These are not final versions yet – we are not done with the development. We’ve decided to release the HTML5 advanced editor in two phases. At first we were focused on building fundamentals, resolving the most challenging problems (like image upload, application performance, or text rendering). The new editor doesn’t have all of the Flash version functionalities (like frames or masks), but it has everything what’s needed to start using this editor for selling books and calendars. Another phase is releasing the second (final) version that will have all functionalities from the Flash editor.

Except from the HTML5 versions of editors, we’ve been working on few other changes in the system. We’ve been preparing to switch to the new version of the e-commerce back-office solution. This way the whole system looks refurbished.

Want to try out the new back-office? Ask for the online presentation:

New features, improvements and bugs fixed:

1. The possibility to move a component outside the slide is blocked. The maximum possible placement of the component outside the slide should be 10px from the edges, so users can’t lose their clipart accidentally.
2. The preview mode was redesigned to not to display empty photo slot (like it is displayed in the edit mode). Preview was designed to show exactly what will be rendered, so that empty content image should not be visible as a gray background and icon.
3. We’ve added a new tool: Transformer – to position components on a slide in the admin editor for themes.
4. Keeping the ratio of a component while changing the size. It is important when the component is being snapped.
5. New languages added: Finnish and Slovenian.

Last months were very intense in Printbox. We’ve been releasing new features very fast and we feel confident about the future, looking forward to their contribution to our worldwide customer base.

Katarzyna Michałowska

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