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We understand you probably have a lot of questions about the services offered by Printbox. We've compiled answers to some of the most frequent questions we get. Hopefully this information will be valuable when selecting your online photo product software provider.

What services are offered by Printbox?

Printbox offers you a set of photo product software - a complete solution to build your own photo book business. We will launch you a complete e-Commerce platform with a beautiful editor filled with photo product templates - on your domain with your branding. Leave implementation and support to us and start selling personalized photo products quickly and easily.

How is Printbox different from other software providers?

Printbox The biggest photo products
software provider
Adding pictures Thumbnails are loaded one by one, so you can begin to design your project after only a few seconds, when your first thumbnails are loaded. All thumbnails are loading at once, so you have to wait until they are created to start designing your project.
Text editing Text editor opens "in place" – where the text will be featured, so you can have a real view of the project. Text editor opens in a new window.
Page switching After you switch pages, you don't have to wait for loading. After you switch pages in your project, you have to wait for your project to load.
Logging in If you log in into the editor, you are logged into the store automatically. If you log in into the editor, you are not logged on in the store automatically, so you have to log in one more time.
User account You can see saved projects in your account. You can't see saved projects in your account.
Autofill option You can change picture order after using autofill – fully customize your project in the way you prefer. You can't change picture order after using the autofill option.
Photo calendar editor You have specially designed calendar pages. You can add your own holidays and special occasions. You have only blank pages with clipart replacing calendar pages.
Ordering Before ordering you have to wait only for those pictures that are used in your project, so it doesn’t take ages to finish your order. Before ordering you have to wait for all of your pictures to be uploaded, even if they aren’t used in your project. So if you upload 100 pictures and use only 20, you have to wait for all 100 to upload before you can order.

What can I sell with Printbox?

With Printbox you can sell a variety of photo products: photo albums and photo books, wall calendars, greeting cards, invitations, canvas, business cards and stationery. This also includes photo gifts, such as clothing, backpacks, photo mugs, teddy bears, wallets and many more.

Why should I trust Printbox?

After millions of processed photos and generated projects we can say that we comprehensively know this business. This way we can offer you everything you need to sell personalized photo products effectively, maximize your revenue, reduce costs and improve reliability.

What do I need to start using Printbox?

Printbox is a complete software platform that provides all the tools to build a photo book and photo gift production business. There is no need for additional development work. We will provide you with hosting and administration, safety and backups, software updates, templates, technical and business support.

Can Printbox be used on more than one domain?

Yes. You can launch more than one web shop, there are no limits. Moreover, you can manage all the shops with one dashboard.

What if I need help with running Printbox?

We will not leave you alone, so you can count on us when it comes to follow-on support and advice. You can contact us via mail, phone or video-conference. You are also warmly welcome at our office right in the middle of Cracow's old town.

What should I do to make sure my shop reaches maximum sales?

Research shows that if you offer a wide range of photo products and photo gifts you can double your revenue from this branch of business. We can help you offer a variety of personalized photo products.

How much does it cost?

Printbox offers 3 different payment plans, so you can choose the best plan for your needs. Payments are based on the initial fee (one-time payment) and the transaction fee (% from your monthly sales). Whatever plan you will choose, Printbox does not cost you money on hosting, administration, safety and backups, software updates, products or templates.

What payment methods are accepted for my customers in a web shop?

We will provide you with a bank wire payment, check payment and PayPal payment solutions for free (this options are included in the package). We can add other payment gateways if you wish. Send us your request, which payment methods and gateways you need, we will check if we can implement them.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes. We will provide you with a set of ready to use templates, but you can add your own. We are giving you full control on the system and all the components with no dependency on us.

Can I add my own backgrounds, clip-arts, etc.?

Yes. With Printbox, you can do it on your own and don’t need to come back to us each time you want to add/edit/delete backgrounds, clip-arts, products, pricing, templates and more.

Is it possible to translate Printbox?

Yes. Printbox is currently available in 9 languages.

Is Printbox a white label solution?

Yes. We will set up a ‘white label’ website for you on your domain with your branding.

What are the output formats of files with created projects?

Print and finished products are tailored to your set up. Production output files are of your choice: .pdf, .jpg, .png.

Does payments for my products go to me directly or does is go through Printbox?

Payment goes directly to your business accounts. You will settle accounts with us for the current month at the start of the following month i.e. when you already know your complete photo product sales volume.

Do you provide me with templates in the starter package?

Yes. We will provide you with a library of photo book and photo calendar templates developed by Printbox.

Can I change or customize templates that you provide me with?

Yes, you can change and customize every template. You have full control over the system, components and parameters.

What kind of businesses can benefit from Printbox?

Professional printers, photo-labs, photo stores and other companies wanting to expand their offerings with photo products.

How does Printbox work?

Printbox is PC, Mac and Linux compatible. It works online, so there is no need to download it and install.

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