2018 Technology Fast 50 winners

October 16, 2018
Deloitte Fast 50 contest

Innovation. Talent. Vision. Future-focused thinking. These are just some of the attributes exhibited by this year’s Top 50 List.

We are proud to announce that Printbox company is a laureate in the Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2018 award. Our company achieved an almost 300% growth rate over the previous four years!


About the Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe contest

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards, created in 1995, is a subset of the Fast 500 and represents an inner circle of winners. The Fast 50 award is made in a number of geographies around the world.
The Deloitte consulting company for the nineteenth year in a row encourages entrepreneurs to take part in the ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe. The program promotes innovation and provides companies with greater visibility and a chance for further development.
The aim of the Technology Fast 50 CE ranking is to pay attention to the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe. The program gives an opportunity to promote young, independent and dynamic companies and we are one of those companies.

Our company is growing at a record pace. The revenue growth is accompanied by an increase in the number of people in the company. We are constantly expanding not only the team of developers, but also the customer service department, testing and quality control. Our great success is, in parallel to the maintained growth of new customers on the global market, maintaining the high quality of the product and services we provide, and the greatest reward for us is the satisfaction of our customers.
Michał Czaicki, Printbox CEO

Winners are recognized by the technology and financial industry as being forward-thinking and innovative technology companies.


About Printbox

Printbox is a global SaaS company providing a ready-to-sell Photo Product Online Software, which excels in generating the highest sales with minimal effort from the partner’s side. The company delivers a complete package containing:
1. Ready-to-go e-commerce, which will work on the customer’s domain with their own branding.
2. Beautiful editors optimized for each different photo product to sell photobooks, invitations or canvases.
3. Production module which prepares print-ready files.

With Printbox, the customer only needs to focus on marketing and his internal production. The company helps to craft and tailor perfect sales processes for all products, handle hosting, administration and maintenance. And above all, Printbox puts the customer in a car which constantly moves forward. The team of 40+ experts develops the platform and the customer gets all of the updates without downtimes and without involvement on his end.

To learn more, go to: www.getprintbox.com

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