3 Ways Printbox Can Help You Increase Your In-store Conversions

November 26, 2020

Achieving high conversion rates depends on many factors. That’s why in 2012, we researched the key elements needed to achieve high in-store conversion rates in the photo-product sector and formulated a complete solution: Printbox. Our innovative solution helps stores get ahead of the game and enables printing houses to jump into this rapidly expanding market. Since then, a lot has changed – but our goal remains the same: boosting your in-store conversion rate! Read on to find out how.  

1. Editor – a place where it’s all too easy to lose clients  

Imagine this scenario: thanks to your excellent marketing campaign, you attract a new potential customer to your store. They pass through your beautiful website and select a product. However, before they complete their purchase, only one step remains – your potential customer must create their project using your editor. Getting this step right is vital – it would be a shame if your customer chooses not to complete their purchase at this point, right?  

While there are many reasons why customers don’t finalize a purchase, one of the most common reasons is being faced with a substandard editor. For example, many customers complain that editors are not intuitive enough, difficult-to-use, and slow. At Printbox, we understand that usability is the essence of a world-class photo products editor and that users should find the creation process a delightful experience. This is something we pay huge attention to at Printbox – feel free to test it on our demo!  

But that’s not all: At Printbox, we fully understand that every photo product requires a different approach. For instance, your customers are likely to need different options if they are ordering a simple photo poster as opposed to if they are creating a complex photo book. Customers who only wish to buy a simple product don’t want to deal with an editor that’s overly complicated. Likewise, users creating a photo album expect some extra features to be available. We understand this. That’s why Printbox offers four distinct editors: Advanced Editor for products involving a lot of work, Simple Editor for single-image products and other simple products, Pro Editor for professional photographers, and Prints Editor for prints.  

Don’t limit your business and your sales. Our four customized editing options, in combination with our various customer pathways, allow you to add a wide range of photo products to your customer offering and boost your conversion rates!  

2. Mobile Apps   

According to Statista, 85 percent of all pictures taken this year will be captured on smartphones.  Nowadays, when almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, having a slick mobile app is a must-have for any growing photo-product store. However, while offering a photo-editing app is a great place to start, there are a few key points to bear in mind.  

For example, smartphones’ small screens often make it impossible for users to edit complex products like photo albums using all of the functions available on a computer-based editor. That said, smartphone apps are great when it comes to creating and editing simpler products like calendars.  

Our main goal is simplifying your customers’ purchasing pathways – enabling them to upload images, check their order status, or start a new project on their smartphone and finish it later on their computer.   

Although such apps are hugely appealing to your customers, developing a powerful native mobile app is a complex and expensive task. What’s more, it requires a dedicated, cross-disciplinary team. Taking all this into account, we suggest that letting Printbox design and create your app represents your best solution – we have huge expertise in this field and offer very reasonable pricing. Rolling out your new mobile app to your customers is very straightforward, as it only requires one person with a technical background in your company.  

3. Innovations  

One of the main factors in getting ahead in this competitive market is innovation. Being an innovative company needs a team composed of the most talented people who can develop solutions to capitalize on rapidly changing market trends. However, all of this depends on drawing on experience across a wide variety of markets so that emerging trends are not missed.  

Printbox are experts in the photo-products market across more than 50 countries and on all of the continents (except Antarctica!). Our world-wide experience means that we are at the leading edge of current innovations in the photo-products market. You could say that innovation is ingrained in our DNA.  

We continually strive to provide our customers with the most up-to-date, innovative technologies available. For example, this October, we introduced our brand-new solution for automating the photobooks creation process:  Smart Creation. This is another great way to boost your store conversion rate and outpace your competitors. To learn more, read one of our recent blog posts  dedicated to this solution.  


Hopefully, this blog post has given you a good overview of the factors that impact your store’s conversion rates. As a final word, Printbox is dedicated to providing you with the very best tools to help you attract new customers and ensure your existing customers keep coming back time after time. Conversion rates are not just some mystical metric – far from it: better conversion rates are the simplest way to boost your store’s sales. Just imagine how much your monthly profits would rise if you could increase your conversion rate by even 10%. Printbox has all the tools and support to help you make this happen.  

Student of the University of Economics in Cracow. Photo products business is something new for him, but he's already making a name for himself at Printbox with his curiosity and desire to learn. Loves sports, travel, playing guitar, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.