4 Ideas For Unique Photo Products Collected From Our Clients

April 15, 2021

The market of personalized products is experiencing its golden age, and the expanding offer makes consumers more and more demanding. The dynamic development of e-commerce and new personalization options increase their expectations even more. To meet this challenge, companies are trying to outdo each other in ideas for the most unique photo products gifts.

The global personalized gifts market size is expected to reach $43.3 Billion by 2027! However, how can you make your offer stand out from the crowd? To inspire you a bit, we’ve prepared a special selection of unique photo products offered by some of our clients from all over the world.

Let the game begins

Manufacturers and sellers of board games are certainly one of the industries that is doing even better during a pandemic than usual. Covid-19 has meant that we spend most of our time at home, which makes this form of entertainment a perfect fit for our free time.

That’s why personalized party gadgets are a great gift idea that is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to them, people can originally save important memories, and the game will have an additional sentimental aspect. It will certainly spark discussions and bring up funny anecdotes from the past, which will make the fun even better.

Let your customers throw even more epic parties with custom playing cards, poker chips, memory games, or puzzles! Visit the websites of producers such as Print From Your Sofa or Photobook Worldwide and see what they offer to get inspired.

Birthday trip to the past

Birthdays and anniversaries are another great occasions that you can use to offer a unique range of personalized photo gifts.

The Spanish company Look and Remember offers personalized collage books that will take the recipient to the year of their birth. This is a chance for an amazing journey into the past!

Inside you will find curiosities and events from the selected year. How did people dress back then, what music did they listen to, what was the most famous movie made that year? Besides, the editors have been designed in such a way that you can easily customize the name on the cover as well as effortlessly arrange photos and texts inside.

Sample birthday book
source: Look and Remember

Personalized and practical accessory

In 2021, face masks are still an inseparable part of our everyday life, which over time became a stylish accessory. This is another way to express yourself through fashion, as well as an idea for a practical and personalized gift. One of the manufacturers of custom face masks is iamphotobook from Thailand.

Customers can choose from dozens of simple or colored designs. They can put a photo of their choice on it and add their initials or their own text. A few clicks and voila! After a few moments, their unique project is ready.

Sample personalized face mask
source: iamphotobook

Personalization beyond the actual gift

A personalized gift wrap is a great way to make a unique present even more special. Now you can design your own customized packing paper and print it thanks to providers like Samskipti.

This Icelandic brand allows their clients to create their custom gift wrapping that can be decorated with their own photos or graphics. Additionally, they can choose from many templates and prepare a very unique composition. The gift wrapping that they design is printed on high-quality opaque paper, which guarantees that the recipient will have a surprise right up to the moment of unwrapping the gift.

Custom gift wrapping paper
source: Samskipti

Wrapping up

Photo gifts are a profitable business. What’s more, the market is still developing and expanding with completely new products. Increasing technological opportunities, new consumer needs, and global trends generate demand for a variety of goods.

We hope that the above examples inspired you a bit and will help you find new ideas to expand your offer!

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