Change log – April

April 5, 2016
Photo book

It’s been a while since we’ve released our last change log for the Printbox editor, so take a look at the new and improved features from the last two months.


We have changed and improved some functionalities:

  • We’ve increased the accuracy of imperial units (number of digits after the decimal point increased to 4).
  • Alphabetical list of prototypes when assigning to the combination (when you create photoproducts in the back office).
  • There is no limit in the dimensions of the workspace for every photoproduct type.
  • There is a new system in the advanced editor for photobooks to avoid processing photos that are damaged.

We have added some new features in the editor:

  • You can set the paper for prints in the back office.
  • The Json file contains new information about the type of the paper.
  • There is a possibility to change the category font color from the back office.

We have fixed a few bugs in our system:

  • Automatic autosave fixed to load all the pages from the project (with the additional pages).
  • Themes in mobile projects are attributed before ordering.



There is a new section of the change log, entirely connected to changes and fixes in the mobile apps (both for IOs and Android version).

The most important change is that we have been working on adding two new types of mobile products: prints and photocalendar. Your customers can create now 3 products in the app (books, calendars, and prints) and there is a new category view in the app.
We have added an application security notice after a connection failure.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs in the system:

  • variable ratio in book pages
  • basket is added to the category view
  • last month name in the calendar editor is displayed

If you had any further questions – feel free to ask.

Take a look at the Printbox live demo and mobile apps (IOs and Android) and enjoy!

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