Changelog August 2017

September 5, 2017
Prints editor mobile view

Recently Printbox issued the next version of its HTML5 editors. I’m happy to share with you some insights. Take a closer look at a few new features and bug fixes that rolled out with the release, including responsive layouts for the prints editor, more intuitive editor navigation on mobile devices and more.

The main changes we have been working on for the past month are listed below.

Photo Prints

Printbox want to be as device friendly as possible. For this reason, we have created mobile views for the Prints editor to help your customers get the most out of the design and ordering process. Our mobile view resembles our standard desktop editor view but is optimized to be “finger friendly”.

Taking into consideration many different sources, having a responsive website is essential for SEO purposes. Both Google and Bing have stated that they recommend RWD as the preferred choice for building mobile sites. This choice will influence the SEO ranking of a website in those search engines. Also selling prints is much easier on mobile devices, as many people upload photos directly from phone’s photo galleries.



  • We’ve added new features: zoom in/out and option to sort pictures.
  • Many minor fixes in the cards and canvas editor, like fixed color pickers, and responsive context menu (Quick Style Panel) for all components in the editor.
  • From now on a shop admin can open prints projects created in the editor so to handle any customers’ issues.


The end of the year is an important time for businesses – especially those looking to sell photo calendars. That’s why we’ve optimized calendars editor and done some bug fixes before the season.

Prepare your business for the last quarter of 2017! 

We’ve also changed the mechanism and migrated the Calendar Content parameter. It was previously a separate entity (input in the additional field), imported from json, and now it is listed in the admin panel as a separate parameter with json file.
What does this really mean? From now on shop administrator can control the value of the calendar with attributes, and consequently he can disable and enable parameters such as for example, name days, languages or holidays. By doing so, selling calendars in many regions of the world through one store is much easier, because shop admin can set different types of holidays for specific regions (like church, national, school holidays) and enable end users to change it in the editor within the same template.


Other features available from the back office

  • Multilayer skin options and skin rendering.
    Previously Printbox system had the option of setting a white border for workspaces (instead of bleeds). That’s why we needed such option in the new and upgraded back office. And we’ve came up to the decision of allowing shop administrators to create multi-layer skins. This feature can be useful when printing for example photo calendars with white borders.
  • Some minor voucher fixes.
  • Support for formatting of the displayed price on the product list.
  • Some bug fixes for friendly URLs after product family duplication.
  • Support for deleted assets in the editor
  • a mass of bugfixes /not only CSS/.

If you need a closer look at any of changes – don’t hesitate to contact me or our support team.

Take a look at the live demo HERE and test our online editor yourself (and let us know what you think!).

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