Changelog January 2018

January 31, 2018
Change Log January 2018

January is the month of making resolutions for 2018. When people hear new year’s resolutions, they often think of “quitting smoking”, “exercising”, or “traveling more”. Besides these personal, here at Printbox, we’ve also created an impactful declaration. We promise you to improve the system more and more for your business’ progress. 

Here are things that happened over the end of December 2017 and in January. Take a look at the list:

New features

  • A mechanism for adding products automatically to the cart based on particular conditions. When your customer will add a product to the cart that meets certain conditions, it is possible to connect another product that will be added to the cart at the same time.
  • Adding a different size of the same photo in the prints editor results in combining prints with a common background to make it more clearly visible that this is the same type of image but in different sizes.

Take a look at the video:

  • We have added a system of sending renders to different client-side directories. Now, Getbox can distribute the renders to the indicated directories according to the rules received from the client. The implementation of this option depends on the needs of a specific client and is associated with additional development.
  • We’ve added the ability to change the way prints are being cropped based on the attribute values. This feature allows you to pre-define options like fit the picture to the photo slot or fill the photo slot with the picture. You can also set up prints that look like Polaroids.

Take a look at the video:

  • We have added the “More” option in the advanced editor. After clicking it, your customers can set the bleeds to be displayed (or not).

Take a look at the video:

  • We’ve added options to define the length of generated vouchers.


  • There is a new option in the admin panel for the advanced editor to hide the attribute if there is only one value available.
  • We’ve added a default value in the form when defining new discount codes (in the datapicker field). This option is available in the admin panel.
  • We’ve added a visual change of highlighting content images while dragging and dropping photos. This feature is implemented to make it easier to see where the cursor is and where the photo will be snapped. It is especially important when several content images overlap.

Take a look at the video:

  • Change of the barcode color so that the printers do not flood the black ink to bars and the code is easier to read for barcode readers.
  • And there were some bug fixes for the snapping mechanism, so that it more intuitive in extreme cases.

Mobile App fixes and improvements

  • We’ve redesigned the category and product view in both: Android and iOS versions of the Printbox demo App.
  • We’ve improved the operation of the interface so animations are more intuitive.
  • We’ve implemented Stripe payment gateway in the demo App.
  • There were as well some bug fixes:
    • with back button in uploading view
    • and with double click in crop view in Mobile app.

We are still releasing app updates to production, so stay tuned for further new versions in both stores.

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect permissions in admin panel.
  • Uploading photos on Safari 11 MacOS High Sierra.
  • Custom events in the calendar editor set on February.
  • Incorrect skin in photobook editor for products that does not have cover workspace and cover theme.
  • Text components applied with layouts.
  • Voucher value on the invoice.
  • Selector of customer in voucher forms.
  • Attributes and values listed in the order view in the admin panel.
  • Bleedbox area in PDF.
  • Font sizes autoscalling. Changing the size of the workspace will automatically scale fonts.
  • 24 and 25 of Dec in the calendar not marked. Now Christmas dates are marked with the appropriate color.
  • Sending EXIF info of photos to the backend.
  • Invisible background color on the thumbnail of project in the cart.
  • Changing the value of the attribute in the advanced editor.
  • Backgrounds scaling when the workspace is changing.
  • Ordering prints project that has less photos than the minimal number.
  • My projects bug fix – products that have the maximum accepted name are impossible to order.
  • The preview of photo in the advanced editor during scrolling of view.
  • Fixed history – (ctrl+z) option.
  • Fixed registration form using incorrect email address.
  • Thumbnails of projects in “My project” view.
  • Text fields in the advanced and simple editor in IE browser. The text field after entering the first character moved the text into the next line.
  • Photos view in the simple editor.

If you need a closer look at any of changes – don’t hesitate to contact me or our support team.

Take a look at the live demo HERE and test our online editor yourself (and let us know what you think!).

See you next month!

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