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This month we have another pack of improvements and fixes for you. We’ve applied changes that are improving the performance of our editor and also increase the efficiency of the back office.

E-mail and password confirmation


We have added the possibility to add the field to confirm password and e-mail during registration. This option in available to set in the back-office (toggle button) in the Preferences -> Customers tab.


Layouts for photocalendars


We’ve added layouts for calendars, so that your customers can shuffle it with just one click. You can set layouts when designing the theme in the back-office.


Layouts attached to workspaces


When you set layout in the editor, the system does not scale it to the square-shaped but saves the ratio of your current workspace. It is important to preserve proper dimension of your layout.


Permanent safe area lines


We have added the possibility to display safe area lines at all times, so your end-users will see it every time in the editor, without a possibility to turn it off. It was vital in the editor for business cards.


New information for users of mobile devices


We’ve added the information about the need to use Adobe Flash Player for mobile devices. It is important for you if you don’t use Printbox App to cover mobile traffic.


New, improved file recording system

We have reduced backup files significantly (by 50%), so saving a project and the autosave option will be much faster.


Loading a backup copy of an XML file

In case of a broken project – the system will load the last valid XML file, so that your end customers will have the access to the latest version of their project.

Apart from those changes, we have improved a number of features:

– snapping photos in business cards
– thumbnails of newly created layouts are higher quality
– adding only chosen assets from a selected category
– calculating prices for non-printbox products in the cart
– re-setting thumbnails for products in the back office

Our development is focusing more and more on the new updates and features that we are planning to release in the near future, so stay tuned.

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