Higher conversion rates thanks to customizable buying paths

July 30, 2020
Printbox buying paths

The most crucial part of customer’s interaction with photo products online store is the editor. Before customers arrive at the editor, though, they choose attributes of the product they want to buy. This process – the going along a buying path – impacts sales greatly.

First, the buying path must be visually attractive and UX-friendly to the customers. Secondly, as photo products are a complicated e-commerce category, creating a buying path shouldn’t be a hassle from the store owner’s perspective. One has to bear in mind that a large number of attributes must be included.

Forget about troublesome e-commerce mapping

The usual problem of photo product e-commerce managers is that they buy an editor, configure all the product attributes in its backend and in order for their website to actually reflect all of that, they have to recreate all that attribute structure in their e-commerce platform. Standard e-commerce platforms are not meant for personalized products market – adjustments are hard. This means loads of work and time lost which could’ve been devoted to other business processes. What is more, sometimes the result of the mapping is poor and modifications are a real pain in the neck.

At Printbox we do that stuff differently.

Buying paths designed specifically for photo products

Creating your buying path in Printbox is much easier. You go into your admin panel and use sequences of steps where you imbed attributes using visual components. The steps are tailor-made for selling photo products and use the editor’s configuration. You don’t need to waste time on recreating the editor’s backend configuration in your e-commerce platform which is not photo product-ready. A typical sequence looks like this:

landing page –> product list –> product card –> editor

You can easily add or drop steps. The photo product categories differ vastly so you can use different buying paths for every product. Here are a couple of examples from our demo:


Customers jump straight into the product list and then into the editor.

Printbox product list


A regular photobook sequence starting from a customizable landing page (you can see a carousel here).

Printbox landing page carousel


Customers have a lot of attributes to choose from before they arrive at the editor.

Printbox complex buying path

You know from your experience that you need to keep things simple and use only step before the editor in order to convert? We’ve got you covered. You are surprised by the multitude of options Printbox offers and want to experiment a bit with the steps? Yes, modifying sequences of steps is easy and you can find the best way of arranging steps to increase your sales.

Steps are heavily customizable

A step like a product card or a landing page has three main functions:

  • being visually attractive for the customer to be interested in going along the buying process
  • allowing to choose product attributes
  • SEO purposes

That’s why we use template components to easily modify steps. This is basically a content management system (CMS). You are presented with ready-made template components like a banner, covers slider and many more. Then you simply add your own images or blocks of text to personalize your step.

You didn’t find a template component you need in our admin panel? We are capable of creating a new one for you – the system’s flexible design allows adding new components very quickly.

More advanced store owners can use HTML boxes for extra personalization. You can insert bits of code into them, this produces very good results and gives even more control over a step but requires some IT knowledge.

Four editors for different products and customers at the end of a buying path

Printbox offers four different editors (Pro, Advanced, Simple, Prints). This means that with

  • all the steps sequence changes you can make and with
  • all the customization of the steps you can make

comes yet another benefit: you can place any of these four editors at the end of a buying path.

Even basic products like cards can use Advanced editor at the end of the buying path. On the other hand, one can have a typical photo book path like product list -> product card concluding with a Simple editor.

It is up to our customers to choose what works best for them. You can easily adjust editors to the complexity of the product or its target audience. Your buying path is fully customizable right from the beginning till the very end.


For your and your customer’s convenience we created different buying paths that can be paired with different editors. The buying process is heavily customizable and tailor-made for the photo products market. Customization doesn’t end at existing template components, we can create new ones for you. What’s even more important, the configuration is much easier and much more reliable than with typical editor – regular e-commerce platform combination.

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