How to drastically improve your photo product adwords

July 26, 2017
How to drastically improve your photo product adwords

In our previous article, we explored why it makes sense to use Google Adwords to promote your printing business or its range of photo products. Now that we’ve convinced you to give these ads a try, we’ll share some useful hacks to make them as effective as possible.

Focus on conversions, not clicks

By default, Adwords focuses on the number of clicks each ad generates, but this shouldn’t be your main measuring stick. Instead, focus on the number of conversions: this is when users take the desired action, such as purchasing, subscribing or leaving contact details.

Don’t panic!! This is relatively easy to achieve. Just follow this tutorial to track conversions in Google Adwords.

Once this tracking is set, you can see exactly how many conversions your campaigns are getting. You can see which specific adverts or search queries have the most (or least) conversions, helping you to adapt and make your ads even more effective!

As for phonecalls, there is a special kind of conversion known as call tracking. If you rely on phone calls, there are a number of 3rd party tools that integrated with Adwords to help you track calls directly from displayed ads.

Ad Extensions

When it comes to ads, remember: the bigger it is, the better it is. Adding more details and options gives your customers more choice.

Extensions are additional elements that you can add to your ads. These include Call Extensions, Location Extensions and Review Extensions, all of which are straightforward and very self-explanatory.

By showing more information, you can make it more enticing for users to click on through. Give them a try and see how your results change!

Optimize your landing page

A good advert also needs a strong landing page. This is the page your ads lead to after a user has clicked on them. A lot of local businesses think about using their main homepage, but this is certainly a mistake.

Think about it: someone searching for a specific product doesn’t want to go straight to your home page, only to have to search through your website manually. Users are very impatient when browsing online, so this will only help you lose potential business!

Instead, design a landing page that is extremely clear about what you offer and shows visitors what they need to do next. Offer a short description of your services and support this with images. You should also offer a clear, distinct action item, such as a contact form.

Having different pages for your products is also vital. This way, your ads for photobooks don’t lead to your photo calendars and vice versa. If you work with both personal customers and corporate clients, you should further divide your landing pages accordingly.

Use negative keywords

Typically, Adwords uses positive keywords to find the users (and their search queries) that you want – but the reverse of this is also true.

You can use negative keywords to ensure your ads are not shown on specific queries. For example, “printer drivers” can be added to ensure your adverts aren’t displayed on these irrelevant searches.

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