How to Make a Photobook with the help of AI 

June 21, 2024

Photobooks are cherished keepsakes, capturing and preserving beautiful moments in life. They are perfect for family occasions and personal memories alike. For personalized printing businesses, staying competitive means expanding their offerings with tools and solutions that enhance the user experience. Printbox is a solution that can help these businesses increase revenue and unlock new potential.

What are Printbox Editors? 

If you’re new to Printbox, it’s worth discovering why it’s such a valuable tool. Printbox offers a range of editors tailored to enhance the user experience when creating the ideal photobook and other simple products. These editors include the Simple Editor, as well as the Advanced and Pro Editors, each carefully designed to incorporate all essential features in an optimal layout.

Enhancing your photobook with Printbox’s creative tools 

Advanced Editor with Smart Creation 

The Advanced Editor with Smart Creation is a game changer for creating photobooks. This feature allows customers to upload their photos, which are then analyzed and sorted by AI, saving users hours of selecting and arranging photos in chronological order. After uploading, users can further edit their photobooks with a variety of advanced customization options.

For those who enjoy creating photobooks, there is always the option to start from scratch. They can use ready-made templates or begin with a blank canvas to design it entirely on their own. This ensures that everyone can find an option that suits their personal preferences.

Simple Editor 

The Simple Editor is ideal for businesses that want to provide customers with an easy and convenient way to create simple products like cards and gifts. With an intuitive interface that eliminates unnecessary complications, customers can quickly apply their photos and create a product in just a few steps. From cards to mugs, pillows, and phone cases, everything can be designed effortlessly and without frustration.

Pro Editor 

The Pro Editor is tailored for professional photographers, featuring tools that meet their advanced needs. It includes dark mode, ideal for extended creation sessions, and a comprehensive set of professional-grade tools. Every step, from uploading photos to completing the book design, is designed for comfortable editing. Additionally, the Advanced Editor offers a Smart Creation option for users who want to design a photobook quickly or make adjustments after AI has applied all the photos.

Is there more than that?

AI has begun to establish a significant presence in the market, and in response to customer demands, Printbox has developed a groundbreaking solution set to revolutionize the Printing Industry. The Masterpiece AI generates stunning, high-quality images suitable for printing, while also ensuring copyright protection. Its seamless integration with other features provides a platform where customers can elevate their creativity and design unique, beautiful products unlike any other.

To learn more about Masterpiece AI and discover how it can elevate your business, click the video above!

Why choose Printbox for your photobook projects? 

Opting for a Printbox solution means selecting software with over a decade of experience in the printing industry. The Editors have been meticulously developed to meet the needs of both casual users and professionals, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for creating photobooks. Advanced AI capabilities streamline the creation process, enhancing efficiency and ensuring high-quality results.

To learn more about our editors and explore partnership opportunities, please contact our Sales Team to discover the full range of possibilities.