HTML5 and Mobile Application launched in Printbox Photo Products Online Software

November 10, 2015

Printbox is proud to announce the launch of new technologies to help printing companies take advantage of personalized photo product sales: a Mobile App and an HTML5 online editor for prints.


Mobile Application

The native mobile application for Android and iOS allows users to quickly create custom photobooks. From now on, end customers can make their photos come alive with the touch of a finger with the Printbox Mobile App.
Mobile commerce is becoming very popular and essential to create an exceptional customer experience. Creating a native mobile app is a step forward in offering end customers a convenient tool to make and order personalized books wherever and whenever they want.
Currently, the Printbox mobile application allows users to design photobooks. Other products, like photo calendars and prints, are soon to be launched. End users can change images on each page, edit or change the background color, and add a title. They can also edit photos using many advanced photo editing options. One-touch access in the Printbox App allows people to create photo books in just a few minutes. The process is fast, easy and secure.

The application supports PayPal and Stripe payment options. The app is connected with the e-commerce admin panel, so businesses can manage sales across multiple channels from a single back-office.

The Printbox App can be launched with company-specific branding to cover photo product sales on mobile devices.
Every business can change a number of different components in the application, mainly the appearance. This allows a better fit for the market segment, but the overall application flow remains the same.

“For most companies, being able to sell on mobile devices is a must. Now this is possible with Printbox – to have a special app created for a company with their logo and branding. Having a well-working native app can help sell personalized products tremendously. This also helps businesses to reach a wider audience because people can either visit via desktop e-commerce or download the app.”

~ Michał Czaicki, Printbox CEO.

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HTML5 online editor for prints

The HTML5 editor was built from the ground up to help your customers to get the most out of ordering prints. It lets end customers experience a whole new way of editing prints. It’s faster than existing technologies and offers exceptional functionalities.

The Printbox HTML5 editor was developed using React. This is a modern framework in which, for example, Facebook was built. It allows users to build applications that run much faster. The clear and strict structure makes the application have fewer errors and makes it easier to expand. The editor for prints is fully responsive and has been designed for smaller devices, so that end customers can conveniently use it to order prints. The editor can be operated with gestures, especially on mobile devices. You can swipe images while editing.

“It is definitely a very trendy technology nowadays. We are using graphic card acceleration to increase the speed of complex operations on the images. It gives stunning results, especially on mobile devices. The application is combined with our powerful servers to render and support graphic files, so it can easily handle millions of images.”

~ said Michał Czaicki, Printbox CEO.

Understanding that uniqueness is important to our clients, the editor for prints is built in a way that allows businesses to customize the branding. This way, the application looks tailor-made.

The Printbox complete package contains tools that allow businesses to set up, edit and publish their own personalized photoproducts to provide to their end customers. Every detail is prepared to work seamlessly, regardless of the device customers are currently using.

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