Personalized Gifts for Employees: Is it Worth Investing In? 

June 21, 2024

If you ask CEOs worldwide what they consider the most crucial aspect of their business, most will likely say “people.” People are the heart of any company; they create, build, and drive progress. Over the past few years, work standards have evolved, placing a greater emphasis on workplace atmosphere and additional benefits. Employees want to feel seen and special, and personalized gifts are one way to achieve that. But are they worth the investment? Let’s explore this idea further. 

People Like to Feel Important 

It’s no surprise that people like to feel important and be part of something meaningful. As an employer, recognizing this is key to giving your employees what they want. By listening to their preferences and dislikes and finding solutions to help them be most effective, you can achieve better outcomes. Observing your team, understanding who they are, and supporting their personal goals can lead to their growth—and as they grow, so does your business. 

Show That You Know Them 

Being part of a company, especially a larger one, can sometimes make employees feel unnoticed. Choosing personalized gifts for your employees shows that you care about and are interested in their hobbies and passions. Investing time to get to know them and valuing them as part of the team can foster a sense of belonging. 

Unveiling the Benefits of Personalized Employee Gifts 

When employees are happy and proud to wear your merch, it can turn into a powerful employer branding campaign with a win-win dynamic. Employees feel connected to your brand, and potential candidates may perceive your company as a desirable place to work. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a company with a strong, positive culture?  

At Printbox, we know that building a strong community and connection with all Printboxers is crucial for us. That is why we decided to give our team the opportunity to design their own Masterpiece AI T-shirts exactly as they want them to be. Now, we can proudly observe our team wearing T-shirt designs created by the very tool we all work on. Isn’t it great to wear something created by a tool you helped to develop? 

Celebrating Milestones 

Acknowledging employee promotions, work anniversaries, or personal successes with personalized gifts can show that you care and understand your team. There are many occasions where you can step up and create something special for your employees, making them feel valued and appreciated. 

For us, one of the special occasions is a work anniversary, especially the fifth, tenth, and beyond. We call it the Veteran Pack. For those Printboxers, we prepare special gifts for their 10th Printbox Anniversary. Additionally, they receive an extra 10 days of leave for their 5th anniversary and 15 days for their 10th. In this way, we wanted to thank them for all the work they put into creating our company and give them more time to rest. 

To find out more about the Veteran Package and to see how Printboxers feel about it, check out the Linkedin post where Veterans themselves explain what it is like to be one of them.

What Personalized Gifts Can You Give? 

The possibilities are endless, which is the beauty of personalized products. Consider useful accessories like backpacks or umbrellas, personalized notebooks, blankets, shoes, or custom coffee mugs. Adding personalized snacks can create a perfect combination for any coffee lover. 

Saying Goodbye in Style: Choosing the Perfect Farewell Gift 

While celebrating good times is important, we should also remember to acknowledge the times when employees leave. A thoughtful gift to thank them for their work can help build good memories of their last days with the company. 

Small Gestures, Big Impact 

For many, these gifts might seem like a small part of the work environment, but they can have a significant impact. It’s worth remembering that big ideas and great achievements are built from smaller pieces. Providing good quality, thoughtful products can create strong fundamentals that will support your company and attract the best talent in the market.