Why sell personalized photo gifts for parents?

February 8, 2021

The demand for baby and parent products is constantly growing, and more customers are turning online to search for engaging and attractive goods, as well as gift ideas. As with any other retail product, there is no better way to show that a person means a lot than choosing a personalized gift. This is why we’re going to check out why personalized products are generating a lot of interest and what gift ideas can be implemented in your online store. 

What is the parenting market about?

The parenting market covers the sale of childcare services and products, ranging from toys and diapers to household goods and complex educational services. Speaking of marketing to parents, it’s important to understand consumer habits of the generation you are focusing on: a significant part of the audience clearly belongs to millennials or those born in the 80s and 90s.

Millennial moms and dads are willing to pay more for kids and their comfort. In addition, they tend to have fewer children and start a family life after being confident in their financial situation. As a result, modern parents have a more disposable income for family needs in comparison with previous generations. The global baby care market is forecasted to be worth around $ 88 billion worldwide by 2026.

Why are personalized items important for millennial parents?

Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time and effort to make their gifts special, which is also confirmed by statistics and market insights. It’s reported that e-commerce site Etsy has seen a 156% increase in searches for custom gifts compared to last year.

Personalized gifts and services are getting more exposure. And it’s not just about parenting stores. When someone gives a present that speaks ‘personally’, it becomes more than just a gesture of appreciation. This is treated as a symbol of connection. Especially, it’s relevant if someone is looking for a gift for new moms and dads, or let’s say, parents want to please their newborns with something unique.

If you already have an e-store for parents, adding personalized gifts is definitely a smart move for your business: all you need is to offer new products to an existing group of loyal customers.

For those who are working in a different direction and, for example, specializing in the sale of personalized gifts (not just for moms and dads), we have good news too. 2/3 of millennials prefer to purchase online rather than in-store, and statistically, young parents should be a part of your potential audience. So, targeting them with a new campaign and offering new products can help bound them with your brand.

We’ve picked 5 personalized photo gifts for your store – from popular and well-known to catchy and bold ideas.

Baby photo books 

This is definitely the best gift for all parents to keep their child’s milestones and memories organized, and at the same time, one of the most famous products in print. Inspire your customers to choose a template, cover type, and color palette, and then create a personalized photo book just in a few clicks.

Source: Printbox demo

Baby announcement card

While printed wedding invitations are no longer a surprise, baby announcement cards can bring a new wave of interest to your brand. Giving birth is a significant event for any family, and offering personalized cards will attract the attention of an already existing audience that will recommend your products to young parents. And one more thing: don’t forget to add different envelope options to make a card more festive.

source: lovelylittlecards.com 

More than a classic photo book

Take photo books to the next level and invite customers to create a personal family story: the first page can be devoted to how parents met each other, then about their first date, and so on. We suggest creating different templates with classic or funny illustrations. Once customers upload their photos and edit the description, they are unlikely to resist ordering such a lovely present.

Photo strings

Coming up with creative ideas for displaying pictures means thinking outside the frame. String lights in this context is an ideal solution, especially for parents who would like to place their children’s photos in a more unusual shape than a standard photo album. Currently, to make this real, parents have to print the required photos and order a string separately. As a business owner, you can make their life easier and let them do it all in one place.

source: filunutmaz.com/

Printed pillows and cushions

A pillow designed for extra comfort will never be underestimated. This is particularly relevant for young parents who value a few hours of rest and sleep like no other in the world. An individually designed pillow, in addition to its main purpose, will be an excellent decor for a bedroom or living room. Our advice is to go beyond just printing one photo on a pillow and let customers add multiple photos and a few warm words.

source: spatz.com.au

Without a doubt, product personalization depends on your creativity and the items your store can offer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new formats and get in touch with Printbox team to test our white label editor for your business needs.