Printbox announces an official launch of a HTML5 editor for canvas, wall-art, and posters

April 26, 2016
Canvas HTML5 press release

Printbox Photo Products Online Software is pleased to announce an official launch of a new online editor in HTML5 for canvas, wall art, and posters.

The HTML5 software for canvas

Many companies want to enter the expanding and highly profitable photo product and photo gift market, as well as deliver on the mobile devices. The Printbox platform works flawlessly as the editor, is entirely built in HTML5 and is combined with the e-commerce. This way end-customers can start designing right away after entering the web shop, without any barriers. This is a fast and effective way to convert end-customers to a regular clients. The new Printbox canvas online editor reflects the trend of the revolution in personalization.

There is a huge variety of personalized products, and each has different characteristics. The process of sales should reflect that. That’s why we’ve created dedicated editor for canvas, wall art, and posters. The system works both on the desktop and on every mobile device – to cover mobile sales
~ says Michał Czaicki, Printbox CEO.


The design and usability

New Printbox HTML5 platform was designed using experience gathered from the previous HTML5 editor for prints. That allowed for the creation of an easy to use editor giving a user freedom to design a beautiful piece of art. The ordering process was streamlined to minimize unneeded pauses, like waiting for photo upload. The goal was to make sure that everyone who opens the web shop creates a unique photo product without the unspoken barrier of entering an editor.

The system works online, there is nothing to download, so users can start designing right away. Users go to a website and create their products there. When complete, they proceed to the shopping cart for payment. A securely encrypted PDF job is sent to the selected computer. The production is fully automated, and works with the existing workflow.
According to Czaicki, Printbox CEO – the thing that sets Printbox apart is the end-to-end platform, with no need for additional development work from the customer’s side. hosting, backups, and updates are always included in the package. And there are different approaches that reflect the process of sales for different photoproducts, so as to achieve high ROI.


Canvas editor in a nutshell


  • Allows end-customers to easily choose from hundreds of thousands of product variants, and guides one through all possible product attributes in a simple way
  • Works flawlessly on any device, and the path from designing to buying is quick and easy
  • Built entirely on HTML5 – the best way to make diverse products, like canvas


About Printbox
Printbox is a software development company established in 2010 in Kraków, Poland – the “Dragon Valley” with a growing IT community, named as one of the advantages of the region. For Printbox, the main focus is to provide an exceptional photo products platform to digital printers and professional photo labs. Its mission is to provide a quality, powerful product and help to provide maximum growth through photo products’ sales.

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