Over 200 T-shirts personalized with AI

That’s how many visitors customized their own apparel item using Masterpiece AI this year at FESPA 2024. Each design was a complex and completely unique AI-generated image of what the visitors requested from Masterpiece AI themselves using guided prompting. It was amazing to witness the curiosity to try the solution and after a while, the astonishment as it took just a moment from simply typing on a keyboard to holding a tangible product. That’s a future of personalization!

Customer Engagement and Strategic Partnership

The allure of AI-personalized merchandise proved intriguing to a great number of attendees flocking to test the solution themselves. As mentioned, the images applied to products were AI-generated from text by each visitor using Masterpiece AI. Our solution takes care of the whole designing process, up to creating print-ready files. It’s still software, hovewer, and won’t deliver the actual products by itself. It needs printing machines. That’s why we partnered with ROQ Printing at their stand to further enhance the live demonstration by printing those extraordinary personalized T-shirts. From captivating designs to flawless execution, the collaborative effort left an indelible mark on visitors, sparking conversations and generating buzz during the event. The overwhelmingly positive feedback reaffirmed us once again, that there is an immense potential for Masterpiece AI to revolutionize the personalized products landscape worldwide by unlocking unparalleled levels of creativity and customization, offering virtually endless possibilities for personalized merchandise and more.

Masterpiece AI: Redefining Personalized Printing

The captivated audience and the many interesting conversations that followed gave us tons of fresh energy and ideas for future features and updates to Masterpiece AI. One topic that came up in many conversations was AI vs legislation, especially in the context of the EU AI Act coming into force in 2025. Thanks to Inkish’s interview with Konrad Chmielewski, Printbox’s Chief Sales Officer, we can answer those concerns and more in a video format below.

For those who prefer to read, here’s the tl;dr from the video: Masterpiece AI is ready for legislation, we are all for the responsible use of AI, and we want to make the future better for everyone with the new tools. Masterpiece AI, with its AI-powered filters and prompt monitoring is actively protecting trademarks such as brand logos and is preventing inappropriate prompting.

Flex Editor and Masterpiece AI: The Perfect Match

It’s worth noting that behind the success of Masterpiece AI, the solution standing at the forefront of Printbox FESPA showcase this year was Flex Editor. In a nutshell, this editor trims all of the unnecessary steps and options of the editing process and smoothly guides the users to the final outcome which is a personalized product ready to be ordered. At FESPA 2024, everyone could witness first-hand the synergy between Masterpiece AI and Flex Editor. Speedy customization process with the remarkably user-friendly Flex Editor UI and a new type of AI-customized products Masterpiece AI is bringing to the table.

It’s worth noting that Flex Editor is also a standalone product from Printbox. You can take advantage of the awesome minimalist UI by selling your simple products without any friction points at your online store – T-shirts, mugs, gifts and more. If that sounds like something you could benefit from, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for more details.

FESPA 2024 summary

We want to express how grateful we are for meeting so many fantastic people in Amsterdam this year. We feel genuinely proud that our solution has brought so much awe and amazing reactions to many visitors. We’ll use this experience as fuel for setting new benchmarks for innovation and excellence and continue our journey forward.

Discovering the right path for the future of personalization is not an easy task, but with the current technological advancements disrupting many industries, we see it as a chance for our clients and partners to get a headstart together by selling this new type of AI personalized products. With Masterpiece AI leading the change, the future of personalized printing has never looked brighter.