Smart Printbox Administration Guide: Dashboard

May 25, 2015

Managing your sales and all photoproducts will be better than ever with the perfect back-office created by PrestaShop team. This is where advanced data technology meets a brilliant design.

Important data, like your sales and new orders are clearly displayed to make it easy understand your store’s current status and future forecast.

Printbox mobile dashboard


Fully responsive

Using our back-office is fast and easy. It is fully responsive and accessible from any mobile device, tablet, laptop and computer, so you can use it anytime and anyplace, wherever you need.


Detailed Insights

Our Dashboard will notice you about all the important KPI’s. You can set particular reports you wan to display on the screen. You can easily find activity overview, conversion rate, forecast, key traffic and new customer statistics in real time.

TIP: You can connect your Google Analytics account to keep track of these statistics. Just install a module onto your store. Learn, how to do that >>


Useful interface

Running a business, you don’t have a time to waist. This Dashboard offers the most efficient back-office experience seen in e-commerce with a  user friendly experience. It’s easy to navigate and all your data is simple to access.

Dashboard quick access

TIP: You can set your own “Quick access” links (at the top right of every page) to navigate the page even faster.
Note that you can create links to other websites, for instance your PayPal account or your webmail.  Learn, how to do that >>
Every button placement and function serves to aid your user experience, so enjoy!

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