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October 11, 2016
Printbox Photo Products Online Software

Photo Products Online Software Provider, Printbox, has announced today the release of a much anticipated complete HTML5 package for personalized products. From now on every online editor is built in HTML5 technology. This is a significant milestone for the company and for every partner companies all over the world in the personalized photo product business. HTML5 online creators are available from now on for products, such as photo albums, photo books, photo calendars, canvas, prints, greeting cards and gadgets.

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Printbox has been carefully evaluating HTML5 development for years. They have been waiting for Javascript technology to become mature and stable. This way the new rewritten version of the platform will be based on strong and stable foundation. Finally, around 2 years ago, all of that become possible. Using latest frameworks and approaches to HTML5 allows Printbox to deliver superb editors while still being agile in development and capable of adding new features with ease and in exceptional time.

Michał Czaicki, the Printbox CEO, comments:

“Following our close collaboration with our customers worldwide, and the business demand, the new Printbox HTML5 online editors provides maximum product flexibility. We are introducing the most innovative solution to allow personalizing every step in the user journey. This way our customers can define their unique approach to selling every particular personalized product.”

Printbox provides a seamless and superior user experience across all devices and screens. The robust software solution for the creation and sale of online photobook and photo gift products contains over a dozen of new features and enhancements. These new features are developed in the HTML5 to drive sales and increase conversion and profitability for digital printers, photo finishers and professional photo labs.


Photo Smart Crop

Printbox editor recognizes people, and objects of interest automatically and places objects in the center of the design. Some people have it, but this is not the norm. We do this also with autofill, which makes the design process much faster, and saves end user’s time


Super responsiveness and ultra-high performance

There are no pauses in the design process, all operations are happening almost instantly. Editor opening from the product list, page switching, zooming, preview, component adding and dragging -all that works smoothly even on older PC-s and mobile devices.


Image handling

Printbox editor allows the user to work on thumbnails of original large size pictures. And those thumbnails are created without the loss in quality and any pixelization, which is a common problem in other editors. Also, the whole process contains dozens of optimizations, to assure maximum performance on every device with minimal memory consumption.


Pixel-perfect texts

To ensure that all texts are exactly the same on every device, Printbox renders texts in the ultra-high performance application on the server. And also, in another unique feature, the user can write in-place (wysiwyg editor), without forcing him to type in any additional popup that overlaps and hides his design. User feels they are in a standard desktop application.


Flexible calendar component

There is the possibility to add multiple calendars with different displayed months in a single project. For example, you can have a big calendar or two small calendars showing the previous and next month. Another possibility exists for adding name days and many other configuration options. All of that having calendar as an elastic component, not as a clipart graphics, which would cause huge mainttenance problems.


Unique admin theme designer

Printbox minimize the effort needed to create and maintain all company product designs and themes. Designs can be automatically adjusted to various product formats and sizes. There are smart components resizing control mechanisms to assure great look without a need to create designs for each size. Defining various photobook designs with different cover options was never easier.


And many more features improved

Many more options have been re-designed to make the user journey even more pleasant. If you want to know more, please, contact our team at

Czaicki says:

“In the past we have created an editor with superb user experience, which got amazing reviews, and achieved spectacular conversion rates for our customers. Now we have done it again – even better and fully in HTML5.”

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Czaicki concludes:

“What’s most important – our customers can be sure that we are providing the technology of the future, and every update is smooth. We are turning to the new technology, without any downtimes or outages from our customers’ side. Our goal was to build a perfectly functioning photo product creator in a stable technology first. Now, when our customers are delighted with the operation of the editor, and we have answers to all of our questions and doubts on how the editor should work, we can re-write the code in the new HTML5 technology in a new, but solid way.
We can already see the utility of our different HTML5 editors. And now, for the first time, photo books, albums and calendars are joining the group of new tech products in the world, so our customers can sell a whole range of products on different devices.”

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