Real-time marketing in a personalized photo products market

August 19, 2020

How to interest your followers on social media channels that not only they will stop scrolling feed, but also engage them? The answer is: with the use of real-time marketing. “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage.

What is RTM? 

A precise definition of real-time marketing does not exist. The goal is to attract a customer’s attention by sharing a post on social media at the perfect time. The power of social media and algorithms will do its job, possibly resulting in a viral post viewed by thousands of users. But what about this post supposed to be? As the name suggests (real-time marketing), you should write about events that are happening now. Comparing to a “standard” marketing strategy, you do not need to spend large amounts of money. All that you need is a smart timing and a clever way to reach and connect with a consumer.

How to make it natural? 

There are a couple of real-time marketing rules that you should follow. First of all, you need to be human. Post must be authentic. Your audience must feel that behind the company and the brand, there is a human being like them. Secondly, the content must be relevant to the situation and not too long. Keep it short, simple, and meaningful to your target audience. The third crucial rule, the content must be uploaded on time. How to do it? Besides actually following industry publications, set up a watchlist for events that are coming this year.  

How to make a good move?  

RTM is associated with spontaneity. However, you don’t need to act on the spur of the moment all the time. For example, you can predict the royal baby will be born in a couple of days. You have time to prepare your post. When the day comes, play your ace. Magic happens within one click. However, make sure not to rest on the laurels. You can not sit in front of the screen and track feedback passively. Be prepared for answering questions, starting conversations, and so on. People are individuals, and by treating your customers as such, you will get closer to them and gain their trust. 

How to use RTM in a personalized photo products market? 

When it comes to real-time marketing in a personalized photo products business, you have to follow all related real-time events in the industry (and not only!) and catch trends as they happen. You can set up Google alerts to be up to date. What’s more, you should also keep an eye on the competition.

With a catchy slogan and outstanding photo, your ad may go viral. Keep track of sports events, music festivals, maybe even a new TV series – each of them is an opportunity. 

How to accurately implement it in our industry?

Let’s look at real examples in our business. Except for various holidays, which should be in your marketing plan every year, let’s focus on the actual real-time marketing examples. We do not have to go very far – our partners are doing it very well. 

Well, nothing makes a day better than a photo of a smiling Prince Louis. Let’s go further. An invitation for making an own photobook under the slogan “Pictures of YOUR royal baby” would be a bull’s eye. 

But, as it turns out, not only happy events could be a marketing opportunity. FotoHub decided to launch new products in the light of Covid19. “We at FotoHub hope everyone can stay positive, keep calm, and stay healthy. We will overcome the situation together.” We are in favor of this campaign. 


To sum up, as it comes to real-time marketing, be creative, fast, and unconventional. Do not let your work fade in other campaigns. Have any ideas come to mind? Good luck with the coming campaigns!

Student of the University of Economics in Cracow. Photo products business is something new for him, but he's already making a name for himself at Printbox with his curiosity and desire to learn. Loves sports, travel, playing guitar, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.