Recent implementations in Printbox!

September 5, 2016

Printbox – software provider for online photo products, announced recent partnerships with companies: Snipsnapz, Pixelpaint, Capty, and Liveprint.

With new implementations, Printbox will be operating in countries: Malaysia, New Zealand, Denmark and South Africa.

There are also some new personalized products offered, like Polaroid fridge magnets.

Our partner companies can provide their clients the ability to create multiple products both in the advanced editor, and in the simple HTML5 editor.

We are hoping that these implementations will bring end users a smarter, quicker and more pleasant journey through the design process. And we are sure that new cooperations will definitely save a lot of resources, increase conversion and streamline processes in our partner companies.

Crossing fingers for our new family members! 🙂


See the gallery of Printbox recent implementations below:

Snipsnapz – (Malaysia)


Pixelpaint – (New Zealand)


Capty – (Denmark)


 Liveprint – (South Africa)


About Printbox

Printbox is a global SaaS company providing a ready to sell Photo Product Online Software, which wins in generating highest sales with minimal effort from the partner’s side.
The cooperation with new companies is expected to foster the growth of photoproducts retail around the globe. Currently, Printbox powers online photo services for more than a dozen retailers, and will now look to align with similar partners throughoutthe world.
To learn more, go to:

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