Silkefoto launches new webshop with Printbox

December 17, 2018
Silkefoto launches new webshop with Printbox

Silkefoto, one of Denmark’s photo commerce companies, has selected the Printbox software, as a core platform for the next phase of its ambitious growth plan.

Silkefoto is a Danish printing company providing a range of hand-made and high-quality personalised photo products to the consumer market. With challenging growth objectives and a range of innovative product strategies, Silkefoto needed a new photo commerce platform to help drive their business strategy.

After we’ve spent over a year searching for the right solution to meet the needs of our customers, our choice fell on Printbox. The system that we used in the past, was written in FLASH and was very limited in its capabilities. On top of that, it was expensive and without a good support. We have been around since 2013 where we have provided Danish customers with photo products. And now is the time to upgrade to a system which has better features and ease of use. Although we’ve had a share of special adjustments, Printbox has been with us all the way helping us with their expertise. We look forward to the future with Printbox and have no doubt that we have found the best possible solution.
Dennis Riise, Web Manager at Silkefoto

Silkefoto is already live with Printbox editor. The company is using Printbox’s HTML5 editors for photobooks, calendars and greeting cards, and the new website is called

Our cooperation with Dennis was simply perfect. Besides the high-quality services the company offer, including hand-made personalized photo products, their professional technical facilities and qualified staff, we also value the constructive approach, that helped to steer the implementation process to success. We’re confident that our cooperation will continue just as fruitfully in the future.
Zsolt Rácz, Business Development Director, Printbox

About Silkefoto

The history of the company dates back to 2009 when Silkefoto was established under the name Click Silkeborg. A few years later Martin Jensen took over the company with a partner and decided to make photo products with an online designer, as one of the only suppliers in Denmark, and made the website: This business move turned out to be a huge success and the website was the first choice for Denmark’s users, being number 1 in search engines. From that time many organizational things have changed including several brand names and website changes. Now, under the brand, the company offers personalized photo products for both individual and business customers. The company is one of the country’s fastest suppliers of photo products. In fact, they are so fast that they can make a photobook in just a couple of hours and a customer can pick it up at the store in Silkeborg.
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About Printbox

Printbox is a software platform that allows customers to sell photo products online. It is a turnkey solution for businesses, that comes as a complete package. It contains white label ready-to-go e-commerce, a beautiful editor filled with photo product templates, and a high-quality PDF file generator. Each component is focused on conversion and has been tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the personalization industry and each business connected. Printbox prides itself on offering the best combination of quality services, knowledgeable staff, and competitive pricing.

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