Smart Printbox Administration Guide: Orders

As a shop manager, you are dealing with plenty of orders, invoices and customer support requests. The daily task of handling numerous orders can be tough. Fortunately the administration panel help you go through them all and handle your customers’ purchases, credit slips and the merchandise returns.

In the Orders tab you can see all of the information about all the purchases from your online shop on the list (order is default by date – the newest transactions are at the top of the list).



Note, that you cannot delete an order. It is illegal to be able to remove payment or ordering information and/or invoice information from a business in Europe.

You can export a list of your orders by clicking on the “Export” button at the top, but you cannot import orders.

You can attach a message to the order in the “New Message” section, on the right of the page to send to the customer information concerning the order, a delay, a surprise, or keep him or her informed on your offers. Save time and create pre-written messages (in the “Order messages” page).


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