What is the difference between a photobook and a photo album?

August 7, 2015
personalized photo album

This is the first portion of knowledge on how an e-commerce with personalized photoproducts should and shouldn’t look like. I will be writing about the tools, marketing, sales, customer service, and other issues related.
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Today’s technology offers a variety of options for preserving memories, from softcover photobooks to hardcover lay-flat albums. These choices are not equal. Today we will give you a general overview of what the differences are between photo albums and photobooks.


– Worse quality (Is it, really?). In comparison to photo albums the name might depreciate the quality of photobooks.
– Machine (mass) made
– Different types of covers. There is only a choice between hard and soft cover.
– Pages made of stock paper, your customers can choose between matte and gloss. [Standard pages in regular mass made photobooks are thin, delicate and bend out of shape with each opening.]
– Another production technology – digital press
– Glued block (the spine)
– Target group: amateurs, the undemanding
– Ready-made templates
– Price – lower

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Photo album

– Better quality. The name itself suggests that we get something better.
– Handmade
– Covered in leather, fabric, etc.
– Lay-flat pages
– Photo-lab production, on photographic paper
– Spine is sewn
– Different type of recipient – professionals, photographers
– Mostly wedding albums or for other major occasions
– Blank templates to adapt
– Much higher price

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The difference between one product and another really depends on your decision. It is the name that makes the difference, so plan your strategy around what to sell and what it will be named. When it comes to the Editor as a software, it doesn’t matter if you offer photobooks or photo albums. The software can handle it either way with the editor looking exactly the same. You can change options such as paper thickness or types of book covers in the back-office. It is up to you to decide whether your products are high-end.

Looking at the example of companies that we work with, it is clear to see that there are many ways they are naming their products. In my opinion, the most universal way is to use “Premium photo books” and “Photo books” categories. The word “premium” gives a certain importance to your final product.

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