Why to Start Your Own Photo Book Business?

October 15, 2014
Why to start photo book business

Creating photo books and other photo products continue to grow in popularity. According to research by Futuresource Consulting Ltd only in Western Europe consumer photobook volume sales fell by 0.7% to 25.0 million units in 2017, but grow again, by 1.7% to 25.4 million units, in 2018. The market value rose by 2.7% to €796 million. The online channels are continuing to drive the majority of photo book orders, accounting for 95% of sales in 2017 and in 2018. . Launching a business like this can be really profitable.

If you are a digital printer, starting shouldn’t be very difficult (at least technically – you’ve got a high-quality printer and a little bit of experience).

The first step is to take a look around. Get to know your competitors. Find out what products/services they provide and how they are priced. Try to differentiate yourself and stand out by offering unique photo products, like photo books in different dimensions, photo calendars, photo cards and everything you can print.

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Know your potential customers and try to find out what they really want and are willing to pay for. Many people still like to hold photos in their hands. Try to define, what kind of products would be the most popular or find your niche.

Find a complete package to build your own photo book business (online photobook software, eCommerce with CRM and PDF file generator). Solutions like Printbox require little upfront capital investment so you don’t need to have a large IT team to maintain the system and start selling personalized photo products.

The most important thing you should remember is to focus on helping your customers get the most from their own digital photos and let them preserve their precious memories.

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