ZenSmart integrates with Printbox to enable least-cost manufacturing

October 3, 2019
ZenSmart and Printbox cooperation

Printbox, photo products software provider, and ZenSmart, the leading print workflow automation platform have partnered to create a next-level online photo products and least cost manufacturing capability.

Now, companies in the personalized photo-commerce industries can not only create photo products in the market’s best HTML5 photo editor but also have those products directly integrated into a richly featured production workflow that will reduce costs, reduce staffing, increase efficiency and enable production scale.

The partnering of Printbox and ZenSmart will mean that manufacturers and brands can easily take their Printbox implementation and plug that into best practice production workflow. Up until now, production workflow implementation has been at times challenging. By directly integrating ZenSmart and Printbox we dramatically reduce implementation costs and speed time to market.
Andrew Smith, MD and Founder, Pictureworks Group


At Printbox, we stumble upon questions on how to create the best workflow for the personalized photo products production, or how to do the integration into our customers’ existing production management system, and can we recommend a good software which covers the core print and print-on-demand business. With ZenSmart we can offer an all-in-one solution. I am sure that through our partnership we gained a great opportunity to serve our customers in a complex and complete way, with full automation. Our customers don’t need to struggle with the IT, but only do their job – marketing and production. Everything else is on Printbox and ZenSmart.
Zsolt Rácz, Senior Vice President, International Business Development, Printbox

About ZenSmart

Every business is different – different presses, RIPS, finishing equipment and different software systems. ZenSmart is designed to bring intelligent business and factory automation into exactly this sort of situation. And because we have grown up in the most complex of manufacturing situations (think ten’s of thousands of products and product combinations with strict SLA’s), flexibility is designed into the very DNA of the ZenSmart automation system. Imagine being able to take a file from receipt straight through to the press based on your least cost business rules, all while juggling different levels of customer priority and inline producing all the batch and job sheets, barcodes and instructions to speed the order through finishing. Imagine jobs automatically processing on your finishing equipment with no staff intervention, all while collecting cost data – keeping track of every sheet used, every unit quality failed and then intelligently shipping the output based on smart shipping algorithms that make sure you are packing and shipping in the most cost-effective way. This is not imagination, it is reality. For more information about ZenSmart visit https://zen-smart.com.

About Printbox

Printbox is a software platform that allows customers to sell photo products online. It is a turnkey solution for businesses, that comes as a complete package. It contains white label ready-to-go e-commerce, a beautiful editor filled with photo product templates, and a high-quality PDF file generator. Each component is focused on conversion and has been tailored to accommodate the specific needs for the personalization industry and each business connected. Printbox prides itself on offering the best combination of quality services, knowledgeable staff, and competitive pricing.
For more information about Printbox’s services, visit https://getprintbox.com/.

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