Entering the photo calendar business

July 19, 2018
Photo Calendar Sales with the Printbox system

Summertime, the middle of the holiday season (vacation!) and we are already thinking about winter! It’s basically a perfect time to consider the seasonal sales of photo calendars, so we wanted to remind you what can be sold with the Printbox system and what are the opportunities for the development.

Photo calendar season is coming (is winter coming soon?)

As we have mentioned many times, photo calendars are typically seasonal products. Search trends all over the world indicate that photo calendars gain the most interest near the end of the year. For your business, this is a great time to make extra sales – but only if you’re prepared to take advantage of the season. Sales peak starts in November, reaches the top in December and lasts until mid-January.

Seasonality of photo products

To show you the most recent stats, take a look at the general interest in the photo calendar topic. Google Trends is revealing its secrets in details for free – so you can also search by your country and make sure that the trend goes the same way around the year in your country (and culture).

photo calendar interest

Entering the growing market

You can access this fast growing and high margin market with Printbox. With its complete package and dedicated photo calendar software, you can sell multiple kinds of calendars, such as classic wall calendars with spiral binding on the top, split calendars with a spiral in the middle, poster and mousepad calendars.

Recently, you can also sell fourteen-page calendars with a cover, 12 pages with months and the last page with a calendar for the whole following year and lots of other types using local calendar components. This feature was described in the Change Log for June here. Take a look at the blog post or contact us to ask about details.

Interesting facts about personalized photo calendars

In the end – we’ve got some news regarding photo calendars from the production point of view. Enjoy!

The most “minimalistic” photo calendar bought by the end customer was created in only 3 minutes and did not contain any photos (yes! that’s true – someone actually bought and paid for an empty personalized photo calendar).

The perfect contradiction to this example is a record holder, who created the calendar from almost 500 photos (all of them were included in the project), saved his or her work 641 times, and the whole process of creation lasted almost 8 months!

Most often, however, the design and purchase process takes 11 hours. During this time, the average user saves the calendar 4 times and uses 13 images, so it’s one image per page. Counting those number we’ve excluded those above mentioned extreme cases.

What photo products should you focus on during the holiday peak?

A photo calendar is a perfect way to celebrate every precious moment in life. You can use this opportunity and start selling personalized calendars with Printbox. If you are interested in this business, take a look at our offer and drop us a line.

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