What photo products should you focus on during the holiday peak?

November 15, 2017
What photo products should you focus on during the holiday peak?

You’re likely offering dozens of photo products & templates at your online store, but not all of these will prove to be best sellers during the holiday season. So, which photo products should you be primarily promoting?

Photo product sales are rather seasonal in nature. Because of this, you should always be well prepared for periods where you can expect the highest sales. While advertising photo products as an entire category – and especially as gifts – is a good idea, your consumers may also have some very specific items in mind. To help them find exactly what they’re looking for, it’s important to know what products you should be focusing on during this period. There are a few other specific gifts that increase in demand at certain times. So, what are they and why are they so popular?

1. Photobooks

Photobooks can prove to be bestsellers throughout the year, but they also increase in demand during the holiday season.

The reason behind this is simple. In an age where everyone has a digital camera or smartphone, the ability to take good quality photos is everywhere. But nobody wants to spend time printing photos individually to make albums the old fashioned way. Instead, they want a modern solution to match their modern approach to taking photos and creating memories.

In fact, studies suggest photobooks are the most popular of these items and that “Among photo merchandise, photo cards and photobooks are sold in the largest volumes. The bestseller is still photobooks, especially lay flat books.” 

While many will get a photobook for themselves, such as to keep memories from weddings, trips and children, they also make great gifts for friends and other family members. A big advantage here is the ease of creating such a personalised book, while others have noted that “digital photobooks are easily duplicated, making them great to give as personalized gifts for the entire family”.

When advertising these products, you should always start early. Because these products are often more expensive than some of our other products, people might consider getting them earlier, especially during the likes of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

You can also further tempt people with special offers. Try offering 15% off a second copy of their book, or even another photo product, to encourage additional gift purchases.

2. Photo cards

The festive season, whether it’s Christmas, the New Year or any other commemorative event throughout the period, is often marked by the sending of cards. These are often personal messages from friends and family members, so why not make it even more personal with custom photo cards?

A custom card, using a customer’s own photographs, will certainly be more memorable than something bought in a supermarket. Just make sure to advertise these a few weeks ahead of Christmas & New Years – your customers will need time to design, receive and send their cards out in the post.

3. Canvases

Due to their size, it’s safe to say photo canvases are statement gifts. Yet they are often the best way to keep a happy memory or favourite photo on display. Encourage your customers on social media by asking them if they have a favourite photo – whether it’s of their significant other, a family member or a friend. Follow this up by suggesting a custom canvas print to surprise their loved ones and show their thoughtfulness.

4. Calendars

It should come as no surprise to learn that calendars are very popular near the end of the year. A seasonal staple, people look to purchase new calendars as January approaches, so this is definitely the time to focus on advertising your range of custom calendars.

Don’t just advertise to individuals, however. WIth calendars, you can try promoting to corporate clients, as calendars are often given as gifts to employees.

5. Photo mugs

Mugs with a photo can make a great gift for the entire family. Everyone uses mugs throughout the day, so they can be a very thoughtful present that will continue to be used over and over again. Better yet, they are relatively cheap to make and, like any other photo product, they can be easily duplicated.

As you can see, by focusing on some key items, you can promote additional sales for your business, as well as helping customers find the ideal gifts for their loved ones. Of course, all of this requires a robust and smooth editor that can let your customers create their ideal photo products with ease. If your editor is in need of an update, it’s still not too late to beat the holiday rush. Read our tips on how to prepare for the holiday peak here.

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