Instagram Marketing in the Photo Product Business

May 10, 2019
Instagram marketing

According to Hootsuite, more than 25 million businesses use Instagram to capture attention, get interest, and create desire for products. That means you can also use this channel to promote your photo product business. You sell visually appealing goods, so it will be easy to engage Instagram users.

In this article, you will find actionable advice on how to make your Instagram account to stand out. Keep reading, and you will learn tips and tricks on how to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.


Share how-tos and creative ideas

If you want to boost sales, you should show your followers how they can use your products in a brand-new way. Your major task is to inspire and to motivate your target audience. You can do it in numerous ways. Just try to think out of the box.
For instance, if you sell wall art, you can post a photo where you show how to create a compelling interior design. It’s highly likely that your original idea will appeal to your target audience. It will encourage couples and newlyweds to place an order on your site.

Creative Instagram marketing ideas

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Create catchy flat lay

One of the best ways to advertise photo products on Instagram is to create catchy flat lay photography. This type of content works much better than standard product photos. Flat lays help to set the right mood and to engage Instagram users.
To take a beautiful picture, you should do the following:

  • Place your photo products on the flat surface: photography background, poster board, etc.
  • Add a few items with a specific theme or details
  • Follow the rules of design composition
  • Choose a specific color scheme

Flat lay photography tips  Flat lay photography tips

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Show behind-the-scenes

As you know, humans are deeply curious beings. It’s not a surprise that your customers want to know everything about your products, your company, and your brand. And they genuinely want to see what is happening behind the scenes.
If you share sneak peek of the production process, you will win the attention of your target audience. It will allow you to boost reach, engagement, and increase brand awareness.

Behind the scenes photos

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Kleine Prints, for example, published a post on Instagram dedicated to behind-the-scenes activities. Therefore, the company satisfies its followers’ curiosity to see how photo shootings are done and what is the work the entire team has to do to make all these amazing activities real. In addition, this strategy helps the business offer a human face to its customers, showing them who is the team working on each project. This builds more trust for the brand and loyalty from the customers. See how Instagram Stories helped them to gain new audience here.


Create non-promotional posts

Naturally, you have created your business Instagram account to market your photo products. But it doesn’t mean that you should create promotional posts only.
To grow Instagram following, you should craft interesting and informative content and engage your target audience. Every post you publish should touch the feeling of your potential buyers. If you publish promotional posts only, your current followers will lose interest and unfollow your account.

Non promotional Instagram content

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Take the example of Photobook Worldwide and create posts dedicated to special occasions. For instance, Father’s Day can be a great opportunity to touch the feelings of your audience and encourage them to think more of their beloved fathers these days and create a photo book dedicated to them. Even though behind the post there is a commercial touch, your audience won’t feel that you are promoting your products as you introduce them in the celebration atmosphere and encourage them to recognize their fathers’ efforts.


Share user-generated content

If you have neither time nor money to produce high-quality Instagram content, it’s not a problem. You can use content generated by your buyers for free.
All you need to do is to ask your customers to post their photos on Instagram and tag your company. Feel free to repost any user-generated picture you like on your profile. And don’t forget to thank content creators in the caption.

User generated Instgram content  User generated Instgram content

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The great news is that user-generated content engages the audience better than any other type of content. Naturally, people trust real customers’ reviews more than promo posts crafted by companies.


Publish shoppable posts

Today, if you want to attract more customers to your website, you should create so-called shoppable posts on Instagram. It will allow your followers to check the price of photo products in one tap.
To set up a shoppable post, you should do the following:

  • Create a shop on Facebook or a catalog in Business Manager, if you haven’t done it yet. Or set up a shop for Facebook on Shopify or BigCommerce platforms.
  • Log in your Instagram business account and connect your catalog
  • Tag your Instagram posts to make them shoppable

Shoppable Instagram post  Shoppable Instagram post

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Moreover, you can also create stories (see the example of Kleine Prints) and encourage your customers to access your website by clicking on the „see more” icon. Thus, it will become easier to engage with your audience and make their life easier by offering them access to your products with just one click.


Share promo codes and vouchers

If you are going to launch a sale, you should make an announcement on Instagram. It’s the simplest, yet the most effective way to boost your deals and discounts marketing strategy.
Feel free to use Instagram to share promo codes and vouchers with your followers. It will make your audience more loyal to your brand. The trick is that it will make your users keep following your account to get additional discounts.

Promo Instagram post  Promo Instagram post

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Run a giveaway

Today, almost every small business runs a giveaway on Instagram. And you should also keep up with the current trend.
People love freebies, and they actively participate in giveaways on Instagram. So if you want to raise brand awareness, you should do the following:

  • Offer a valuable grand prize. It may be one of your photo products or set of a few products.
  • Provide a first prize and second prize. For instance, you may offer winners an extra 50% or 30% off on their entire purchase.
  • Cooperate with an influencer to announce a giveaway. It will help you to reach a wide audience.
  • Invite Instagram users to follow your account, to like your post, and tag a friend in the comments.
  • Choose a winner with the help of a reliable winner generator.

Giveaway Instagram stories

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Create interactive Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a powerful instrument, which you can apply to boost engagement. Don’t hesitate to use all features which social media platform can offer. You can promote your photo product business on Instagram Stories in the following ways:
• Run polls to get feedback from your customers
• Use questions stickers to boost interactions
• Share user-generated posts to display social proof
• Use countdown sticker to announce sales
• Utilize the “Swipe Up” feature to direct followers to your site

Wrapping it up

Instagram provides great opportunities for business growth. This social media platform helps to raise brand awareness, boost engagement, and increase sales of your photo products.
If you want to craft an outstanding Instagram marketing strategy, you should take a look at the most popular business profiles in your niche. Try to follow their best practices and create remarkable content on your own.

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