Changelog April 2018

April 30, 2018
Change Log April 2018

Spring has already entered our dev-room in full swing. That’s why we have a lot of new features for you this month. A number of people have been asking for several of them for some time. In April, we managed to turn the plans into reality and your stores, editors and administration panels are improved by the following features.

Take a look at all new features, improvements and bug-fixes that happened in April.

Advanced editor options

  • Blocking the possibility of changing the order of slides

We have added the possibility of adding an additional parameter in the product family configuration, which affects the ability of the advanced editor users to change the order of slides or to block them. This feature is especially useful if the order of the slides affects their printing or should be in a predetermined order for other reasons.

  • Improved validation process – highlighting an item that needs to be corrected in the project after clicking the “Go to” option 

During the validation process, if there are any issues with the project and they concern specific components (e.g. text field outside the project, poor quality photo), then after clicking “Go to” option this component will be properly selected.

  • New feature: ruler tool and guide lines

We’ve got a new functionality in the advanced editor – the ruler. Your customers can find it in the “More” menu. The ruler tool lets you measure distances between images to exactly specify the photo position. Your customers can apply as many guides as they want.

  • Drag and drop improvement: several photos at once to the page

If you select a pair of photos in the advanced editor in the left panel and drag them to the slide, they will be dropped all at once and grouped accordingly.

  • Shuffle option: rotating layouts on a slide

We’ve added a new feature (and a button) to the advanced editor: Shuffle. It has three options that allow your customers: to change layouts if there are others available for the same number of photos, to increase the number of photos in layouts or to reduce the number of photos in layouts.

  • The new admin feature: the inner type of the bleed

In the admin panel, there is a new option available to set the inner bleed. This feature has been added to the workspace, allowing you to set whether the internal bleed should be drawn from the adjacent slide or left blank.

inner type of the bleed

  • Using keyword arrow keys to move components

We’ve improved the component manipulation and positioning by using keyboard arrows.

  • Changing the attribute positions in the cart

We have added the ability to control the order in which the attributes of a given product are displayed in the shopping cart.

Changing the attribute positions in the cart

  • Adding flexibility to “sticky” components

In the editor view, we have more and more elements that “stick” to other elements (e.g. a ruler or buttons for adding components). We have unified their operation so that they perform correctly, and it is easier to add new ones on request.

  • New engine to create custom components

We’ve created a new, flexible component that allows us to create custom elements in the buying path, without having to create a separate range of components on the list. This way there will be an unlimited number of options to show, for example, attribute values on the product card.

 Mobile features

  • Autofill and smart crop options in responsive versions of advanced editors

We’ve added an option to use autofill in the responsive view of the advanced editor on mobile devices. This makes the process of designing products even faster and mobile-friendly.

  • Order history in the mobile app 

We have added an order history view to users account in the native mobile app. It enables your customers to check their statuses, additional information and to make payments again if an error has previously occurred.

  • Low-quality photo warning in the mobile app

We’ve added a mechanism that displays warnings when the image is of too low-quality. Your customers might find this feature helpful, and we think you will also appreciate this.

Several bug-fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug related to blocking the possibility of component editing after saving the layout in the admin editor.
  • We’ve fixed changing the size of the displayed product in the editor when changing the theme.
  • The “Show bleeds” option doesn’t disappear after changing the theme in the editor.
  • We’ve corrected the prints editor issue with the orientation. The vertical transformer isn’t always square.

If you need a closer look at any of changes – don’t hesitate to contact me or our anyone from the Printbox team.

Take a look at the live demo HERE and test our online editor yourself (and let us know what you think!).

See you next month!

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