Photo calendar software to bring value for printing business

November 25, 2021

Photo calendars are still one of the most popular among printed photo products. Our year-by-year analysis proves they are not only an excellent source of income during the busy holiday season. They are also a cost-effective item that can impress new target groups and provide you with additional profits. How to set off in this up-and-coming market? Choosing the right photo calendar software is the secret before anything else. 

Reach new target groups with personalized photo calendars 

The pandemic has put people’s lives at a standstill and distorted our sense of time, which made calendars even more beneficial. However, in the era of increased use of mobile devices, you may wonder why anyone needs a printed calendar? 

Meanwhile, market data shows that paper calendars are still popular and widely used. In 2020, photo calendars accounted for 16% of all photo products ordered and took third place after photo books and prints (according to Printbox data). 

Personalized photo calendar services lead to high profits because the customer gets what they want exactly. Paper calendars, apart from their functionality, can play an aesthetic role and reflect the personality of its owner. Therefore, they are perfect as a gift idea or as a unique interior decoration. 

Custom photo calendar in a modern interior

Calendars are excellent as personalized photo presents since the content and images stand for a person, a pet, or a place the recipient recognizes and likes. It is quite commonly believed that this can be the perfect way to remind friends and loved ones about a special event or key dates of the year. 

Nevertheless, people use custom calendars in interior design as a sophisticated way to decorate their rooms. Such personal details make every space cozy and inviting.

Recognize the “must-have” photo calendar software features

Choosing the best photo calendar software is crucial in winning the online marketplace. Before you start selling photo calendars online, pick a design solution that provides customers with outstanding features. 

Many types of calendars to design 

Users’ preferences and needs vary, so it’s crucial to offer them several options to choose from. Depending on your technological capabilities and production facilities, you can offer classic wall calendars, centerfolds’, desktops’ or year planners. Each of them should be available for design in an editor. 

A user can make every type of custom calendar.

Numerous templates to start from 

Today, calendars are not just pieces of paper with information about regular days and upcoming holidays. Themes of photo calendars can be devoted to many special interests, from family activities through travel and sports to hobbies. 

Pre-made calendar templates should help and inspire users to design a product according to their personal interests and ideas. The dedicated photo calendar software can offer motives such as Family Christmas Theme, Formal Work or Motivation Theme, Professional Photo Theme, Kids Comic Book Theme, and many more. The key is to choose templates that match the preferences of your customers. You can research popular topics while keeping in mind different sets of audiences. 

Professional photo calendar software offer multiple themes to choose from.

Possibility of personalizing various aspects of the design 

People are looking for the best photo calendar service that stands out with its personalization options at different stages of creating a project. Custom calendars can feature more than great photography.  

Check if the photo calendar software and its editors allow users to choose colors, add inspirational quotes, put comments to photos, or mark special occasions with notes. Each personal touch makes the product tell a story and bring it to life. 

User can personalize different elements of their photo calendar design.

RWD & mobile-friendly editors 

The mobile market is growing fast – since people are using their phones not only to communicate – but also to entertain themselves and to do shopping. While it may seem that the desktop is the first choice for people looking to create a personalized photo calendar, you should not underestimate the mobile channels.  

responsive website & mobile-friendly photo calendar editors provide the best UX on all devices. When a user switches from a laptop to a smartphone, the online photo calendar maker should automatically shift to accommodate the resolution, image size, and scripting capabilities. 


Mobile-friendly photo calendar editors provide the best UX on all devices.

UX suited to photo calendars creation 

When it comes to personalized photo products, the main stumbling block for customers is the design process. It’s a psychological concern that they won’t be able to cope with it. The tools may seem too complicated to them and the whole procedure too time-consuming. 

Therefore, the intuitiveness and simplicity of the editors come down to a significant reduction in the time from making a purchase decision to its finalization. Users overwhelmed by the number of features and editing possibilities may delay the decision to place an order. 

Consider whether a cloud-based system might be the best option for you. It is a very convenient solution from the end-user’s perspective. There is no need to download, update, or install any application or software. Many Printbox clients allow users to design a project without logging in. Anyone who has never had experience with this type of service can see how easy it is to create a beautiful, unique product. 

Maximize the conversion with the best photo calendar software 

Personalized photo products are specific because of seasonal peaks. Sales are erratic and can increase up to several hundred percent overnight. According to Printbox internal analytics, the average conversion achieved in the editor in 2020 was 33.69% for photo calendars. In December, nearly 60% of all users who entered the Printbox calendars’ editor completed a purchase.   

To cope with such fluctuating traffic, you need to choose a photo calendar software provider wisely. The most decisive factors when selecting a solution for your business should be high scalability and efficiency

If you already run a printing company and want to diversify your assortment with personalized photo calendars, contact the Printbox sales teamWe will discuss the possibilities and prospects of cooperation and advise you on the best solution. We know that choosing a specialized photo printing software is not like a walk in the park, so it’s best to use expert advice to save your time and money 🙂

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