Why wedding album software is a gold mine for the printing business?

April 27, 2022

The wedding season is already upon us! Many future spouses will turn this most important day’s photos into beautifully curated and printed albums or photo books. Some couples will order it as part of a package from their wedding photographer, and others will prepare it themselves using wedding album software.

Therefore, if you run a printing house, offering editors to design wedding photo books can be like a goose that laid the golden egg. Check what specific market opens up for you when you invest in professional software.

Weddings as an excellent niche for the printing industry

According to The Wedding Report, some 2.5 million couples are expected to tie the knot in 2022. It is over 15% more than usual. That means a frantic season for not only brides and grooms but also service providers such as photographers or photo printing companies.

Professional photographers’ services cost around $4,000-6,000 on average. But the price lists of the best in the industry are as high as $20,000! No wonder that by spending such an amount of money, the newlyweds want to display the photos from this special occasion in the best possible way.

The wedding industry is a niche in that you can offer many types of photo products, including personalized invitations, “Thank You” gifts for the parents of the bride & groom, canvases and portraits. Nevertheless, photo books and albums have gained the most significant interest for several dozen seasons.


However, creating an album by hand is not so easy. Even if a professional photographer does it, it requires hours of work to browse thousands of pictures taken and put them together into a perfect design. Selecting an image for a canvas print is different from picking almost 100 images for a photo book. Coming up with a great, ready-made wedding album design is a tedious effort. So why not make the process easier by offering professional wedding album software (and, by the way, ensuring yourself some extra profits)?

Types of wedding album making software in which you can invest

Here are the market audiences you can reach out to if you want to expand your business toward printing personalized wedding albums. You can focus both on the professional market and offer services to amateurs.

Option 1: Wedding album software for professional photographers

Many people still believe that the only way to obtain a high-quality photo album is to order it from a professional photographer. Meet these expectations and choose a wedding album software provider, thanks to which your photo printing business will be able to carry out even very complex orders for wedding albums created by photography experts.

Keep in mind that professional photographers have different requirements than individual users. They are uninterested in pre-made templates, and the ability to simply change the project settings is insufficient for them.

PROs have different expectations of products, the purchasing process, and the editor with whom they work. They must also feel that the brand understands their specific needs. They expect something above and beyond the norm, designed and prepared specifically for professionals.

Check the Printbox offer dedicated to the PRO market.


Option 2: Wedding photo book maker for newlyweds

At the opposite extreme of the wedding market, there are customers who want to prepare albums on their own. They enjoy the process of selecting photos, backgrounds, fonts, and other design elements to make it personal. After completing the design process, they want to place an order in the store and enjoy the effect right after the deliveryman’s visit.

Photo printing software for making do-it-yourself printed wedding albums should be rich in various editing and decorating options. Take note of the templates for the different styles of the wedding, like glamour or boho. Also, an extensive library of themes, backgrounds and clip art is a beneficial advantage of every good photo album software.

Choose wedding photo book software that provides high usability and intuitiveness. Editors and tools should be easy to use, even for customers visiting your store for the first time. Additionally, your chosen wedding album software may include AI and Machine Learning, which can highly reduce the time and work required for the photo selection and book creation processes.

See how we provide usability and customization in Printbox through Smart Creation.

wedding-album-software-for -individual-users

Would you say “yes” to wedding album designing software?

Remember that weddings happen all year round, so don’t wait to get started and don’t stop after it ends. After all, choosing the best wedding album software is not a piece of cake, as you definitely want it to give you the best ROI. Therefore, expand your client base and help them say “I do” with printed photo products.

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