Why does your printing company need Google Adwords?

July 19, 2017
Why does your printing company need Google Adwords?

When it comes to digital marketing and getting your products noticed online, Google will always be your main priority. Virtually all potential customers start their shopping journey by searching for products, prices, reviews and other information, all of which is done via the search engine.

Needless to say, ensuring your photo products come up under the right search terms is a must. You need to invest in a little marketing to ensure your photo products appear in front of the right people – Google Adwords is perfect for this!

Let’s assume, for example, that you target your ads for searches for “photobook London” – a great way to target local people. Your ads will appear similar to normal (organic) results, but will be marked with a small “ad” symbol, like in the picture below.

As you can see, there are also some additional elements, such as deeper links, the ability to call directly, a list of features or call to action. Use these wisely and you can more greatly direct customers to where they need to be: your product pages.

So, why should you use Google Ads? Here are 5 reasons why promoting your local printing business via Google Adwords makes sense.

Full control of your budget and transparent results

Before you begin, you should know that online marketing works very differently from offline advertising and Google Adwords is a perfect example of this.

Forget about flat fees for reach advert. Instead, Google Adwords operates on a pay per click basis, so you only pay for users who click through to your website or make a direct call through the advert.

This, in turn, is supported by a very detailed, analytical breakdown, so you can see exactly how many people viewed your advert, how many clicked through and what they originally searched for. In other words, you can see what works and what doesn’t with extreme ease.

Furthermore, you can readily adjust your budget on the fly. When something goes well, you can increase your funding and, when it doesn’t, you can easily put a stop to it. In essence, Google Adwords has no minimal financial barrier. Just a few bucks a day can launch an ad campaign – however, a slightly higher amount is recommended for your first adverts, to ensure you get noticed

Reach customers when they want your services

Google Adwords lets you display your ads for very specific search terms, to ensure you only target people actively seeking your services.

As an example, suppose you are selling personalized t-shirts in your area. You can use Google Adwords to ensure your brand is visible whenever anyone from that region specifically searches for such a product.

It’s better to show your adverts to more interested people, even if it’s a smaller group. Why spend money on an advert seen by thousands, if only a handful are actively interested?

You can follow your customers with remarketing

Marketing doesn’t just need to be about attracting new customers. You can also use display ads to target people who have previously visited your website.

These remarketing campaigns are a great way to show your photo products to people who have already ordered from you before. Because they are more likely to purchase again, ensuring your advert appears will help them recognize your brand and return.

It’s not just about the search engine

Google Adwords aren’t just shown in the search engine itself. You can choose to show your ads in the wider Display Network, which consists of various, additional websites. You will be surprised just how many websites are a Google partner and display these adverts.

So, how can this benefit your photo products? You could display your ads to people in your area, browsing websites for gift ideas. By targeting them both by location and by the topic of the website they go to, you can still target a like-minded audience that could very well use your customizable goods!

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