Photobook Worldwide and Printbox Cooperation Study

December 8, 2020

After moving to Printbox Enterprise Solution, Photobook Worldwide reported a 100% increase in web revenue and a 50% decrease in their bounce rate. But the unique requirements of Photobook Worldwide are what makes this case study even more worth reading.

About Photobook Worldwide  

Photobook Worldwide is a photo product e-commerce enterprise based in Southeast Asia, present in over 100 countries. Founded in 2005, the company offers over 150 product types and sells over 150,000 photo books every month. Photobook Worldwide prides itself on its company culture and the exceptional quality of its photo products. 

In 2016 the company was looking for a comprehensive solution to cater to its complex needs across multiple product ranges and markets. There was also a condition: the system had to have enough flexibility to integrate easily with the software the company was using. The new photo product solution was to have a UI/UX that could meet the modern customer’s requirements, as well as reshape Photobook Worldwide’s customer journey and user flow for different products. 

Key challenges 

Over 150 product types

A very large number of product categories meant that Photobook Worldwide had loads of work with its product configuration. Printbox’s backend admin panel came to the rescue. It turned out that many tasks can be optimized because Printbox’s product administration made them easier. 

One of Photobook Worldwide’s favorite Printbox features is the ability to update massive amounts of prices using a CSV file because it saves loads of time and resources. The company is able to very easily add new templates and skins or change attributes. 

Additionally, Photobook Worldwide can launch new products much faster and reconfigure existing products in a much simpler way. Most activities can be done without any involvement from technical teams. The outcome is 3x the faster new product launch.

The hybrid model 

With an organization that big you can expect a very complex software ecosystem. Printbox’s task was not only to implement one of its core modules, the Advanced Editor into an existing e-commerce platform. It had to also make sure that whatever Photobook Worldwide wanted to integrate – it would be done neatly. 

Photobook Worldwide developed a powerful mobile app and found a way to integrate certain back-end functionalities with Printbox to further improve the app’s performance and enhance their customer’s experience.

Improved customer flow 

Before Printbox, Photobook Worldwide had only one editor at its disposal. This meant that users who wanted to buy only a simple product had to deal with an editor that’s too complicated for their needs. Printbox brought three distinct editors to the table: Advanced for products involving a lot of work, Simple editor for single image products and other simple products, and lastly Prints Editor for prints.

Photobook Worldwide can now easily add or delete steps within a buying path. WYSIWYG static landing pages eliminate a lot of development work. Printbox’s component features allow employees to easily modify steps, and open architecture lets the Printbox team add new components easily. Photobook Worldwide now has a customer journey much more accustomed to their users’ needs.  

Final outcome

Let the numbers speak for themselves. From the moment Photobook Worldwide moved to Printbox, they have registered:

  • Web Revenue increased by up to 100%
  • Decrease bounce rates by up to 50%
  • Launching new products up to 3x faster  

We sell to over 100 markets and produce over 200,000 products monthly. Switching to a new solution is not an easy call for a company of our size, and we are extremely happy we made the move. Our customers are satisfied with the easy-to-use editors which are accompanied by its extensive configuration options that our team loves. We found a partner who truly understands our business needs and offers great support. 

Wee Jonn Leow, CEO, Photobook Worldwide

Printbox’s modern technology completely reinvented the UI/UX of Photobook Worldwide websites. Additionally, Photobook Worldwide can now launch and reconfigure products very quickly and easily at high productivity, translating to less technical implementation and involvement.  Thanks to Printbox’s Responsive Web Design, users are served the best possible experience no matter what device they’re on.  

If you also want to discover all the powers of Printbox photobook software, contact our Sales team.

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