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September 19, 2014
Photo Products Online Software

Printbox is pleased to announce a launch of a new online photo calendar platform that offers a fast and effective way for companies to enter the expanding and highly profitable photo product and photo gift market.

With the digital revolution many companies (printers, photo labs, etc.) are increasingly becoming personalized gift services. The new Printbox photo calendar online platform reflects this trend, enabling photo calendars creation, safe products ordering and orders management in one software suite.

New Printbox photo calendar platform was designed using experience gathered from more than one hundred thousand ordered photo products. That allowed to create an easy to use editor giving a user freedom to design a project. The ordering process was streamlined to minimize unneeded pauses, like waiting for photo upload.

The goal was to make sure that everyone who opens editor wants to create unique photo product.
Photo calendar platform is launched on new cloud infrastructure, that allows Printbox to be almost indefinitely scalable, handle even the biggest traffic and make the most of any marketing campaign. This new approach allows companies to use Printbox without any IT team and infrastructure.

We are bringing unlimited creativity, flexibility and fun to creating photo calendars, what has been a structured and boring process. With our platform, end customers can create fully customize photo calendars in a fun way. The reaction to our online photo calendar platform has been incredible from anyone we’ve demonstrated it to so far
said Michal Czaicki, CEO and co-founder, Printbox.

Printbox can provide a ready-to-go package:

– online editor with a set of templates
– eCommerce
– hosting.

By offering a personalized website (your logo, branding), software, CRM to manage orders and production, all you have to think about is marketing to your audience.
Our solution has processed hundreds of thousands of photo calendars so far. Printbox can launch a shop in a few days and it can handle the biggest traffic you can imagine.

Along with Xerox Poland – a technological partner of Printbox – one of the world’s largest suppliers of digital printers and printing outsourcing services, document management and back office processes, we pledge our commitment to enabling your success in the photo product market and delivering the benefits we expect from our online platform.

Selling photo calendars with your branding through your own site presents your business with a great opportunity to increase revenue with a little input. We’re already running the platform for our partners, including the biggest player in polish photo product market: We look forward to seeing how our photo calendar platform will change this holiday season as our new partners implement our solution.
– said Czaicki.

Interested in selling photo calendars? Learn the details:

About Printbox

Working on Printbox (as a software) started in 2010. From the beginning our goal was to increase our partners’ sales of photo products. Our software drives sales in the largest player in Poland’s personalized photo product market. Our roadmap for the next year is to be in top 3 best quality editors in the world.

We believe the foundation of our success is a team of talented, dedicated, and hard-working individuals, working to provide the ultimate value for our partners.

Contact information:

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