Printbox – software provider for photo products online, announced recent partnerships with companies: Book Builder Sdn. Bhd., Danstudio, Pixmig, and The-Pink-Pig.Co.Uk Ltd.
With new implementations, Printbox will expand its services to new countries: Macedonia, UK, Denmark and Malaysia in new languages – Albanian, Macedonian, German and Danish.

Now partner companies can provide their clients the ability to create photobooks, photoalbums, photocalendars, sketchbooks and canvas online.

I believe these implementations will bring strong revenue-generating potential to our partners. They can now focus more on marketing and sales, leaving all the technical details to us. Customer satisfaction and efficiency are both improved with Printbox services provided

– says Michał Czaicki, Printbox CEO.

See the gallery of Printbox recent implementations below.


Photo Azia – /






Pink Pig Personalised


About Printbox:

Printbox is a global SaaS company providing a ready to sell Photo Product Online Software, which wins in generating highest sales with minimal effort from the partner’s side.

The cooperation with new companies is expected to foster the growth of photoproducts retail around the globe. Currently, Printbox powers online photo services for more than a dozen retailers, and will now look to align with similar partners throughout Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

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