Best Customer Experience in Photo Printing: Top Printbox Releases 2021

December 28, 2021

2021 was another exciting year here at Printbox. We unveiled several new features, which highly influenced the customer and user experience among our clients’ companies in the photo printing industry. Whether you missed any milestones, here is a snapshot of our favorite improvements.

Fully Responsive Editors

Optimizing the site for mobile devices is a golden rule of an online presence. Nevertheless, the photo printing business requires more than a responsive website. The photo printing software and editors should also meet the RWD requirements as they go hand in hand with the other pieces of digital identity.

In June, we released a new Responsive Advanced Editor, based on the top-notch UX trends to make the designing of photo books on mobile devices even more convenient than before.

It consists of:

  • More intuitive interface design
  • Photos drag-and-drop feature
  • Handy all-page view option
  • Rich text editing feature
  • “Smart Ideas” – a new landmark feature in Smart Creation.

In 2021, we also announced the release of a new fully responsive Prints Editor.

We wanted to achieve a top-shelf mobile user experience, thanks to:

  • Hassle-free ordering of prints
  • Easy access to print parameters settings
  • Simple photo editing options.

Business benefits

☆. A responsive website & mobile-friendly photo book editors provide the best UX on all devices.

☆. You can increase your audience by allowing hassle-free access to your site from different devices of all shapes and sizes.

☆. RWD reduces a bounce rate with fast-loading, easy-to-use navigation, and direct calls to action.

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Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas is a new feature of Smart Creation, offering the dynamically created spread proposals in photo books. Our goal was to shorten the time of making an album in the editor and free users from learning complex functions.

Printbox Smart Ideas to provide the best customer experience in photo printing.

With Smart Ideas, users can benefit from ready-made creative compositions and prepare their dream designs with even greater ease. This means they will go through the ordering process faster, positively affecting the conversion.

Business benefits

☆. Users do not have to spend a lot of time in the editor pampering their project manually, so they are less likely to abandon the started design.

☆. Smart Ideas increase the attractiveness of the design process, which positively affects the user experience and inspires the creation of new photo products.

Image upload from QR code

Sharing numerous photos manually can be time-consuming – to make the user experience even smoother, we prepared a new method for image upload to the project. By simply scanning or sending QR codes, the end-user can upload photos directly to the creation tool from their mobile or any other device.

What is more, the URL for the image upload can be shared, allowing numerous users to upload images to the project.

This feature is now available in Advanced Editor – however, the extension to our other editors will be implemented in Q1 2022.

Business benefits

☆. QR code image uploader significantly facilitates and speeds up the transfer of pictures between devices, which improves the creation of photo products. Users finish their projects faster and are more willing to complete the purchase.

Upselling feature

In the October upgrade, we released a new feature enabling upselling in the project on the editor step.

Upselling is a sales strategy that involves encouraging customers to buy a higher-end version of a product than what they originally intended to purchase.

Important – Printbox allows you to configure upselling features with any project attribute or parameter. Offering bigger sizes or different cover types can now occur while the project is created.

Business benefits

☆. The upselling feature is one of the most effective ways to increase a cart value.

☆. Printbox clients have full flexibility in establishing upselling rules, as they can use any parameter or attribute for this.

Custom sidebars

To meet the needs of our clients, from now on, they can decide what attributes will be available for the user in the Advanced Editor’s left-hand menu.

Custom sidebars make it possible to adjust the left-hand menu in Advanced Editor.

Depending on customer preferences, users will be able to directly change themes, paper, material type, or product size from the editor level.

Business benefits

☆. Our clients can decide what functions they want to put in the editor in their store – we do not impose a default, unchanging tool on them.

☆. Greater flexibility in introducing changes to the project positively affects user experience and conversion.

Looking forward to 2022

Thank you for being with us for the last 12 months!

As our product roadmap for 2022 is packed with remarkable improvements, we are very excited about it. Follow our blog and social media to be informed about all the updates.

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